Disaster will strike games

Disaster will strike games

Free online games Blow elements offer an alternative story of surviving dinosaurs. You must restore justice, and to play, breaking eggs lizards, clearing the way to the human race. In this puzzle fun tools are elements of nature - different hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, floods, lightning. They are at each level of a certain amount, and use every phenomenon should be with caution. Think about how best to use existing elements to destroy the hiding eggs, and suppress them. Be ruthless, vengeful God, to exterminate the dinosaurs.
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Very disruptive element of the game Blow

Do you know why millions of years ago killed the dinosaurs? This someone liked the game so that he amused himself in it without interruption, and as a result won by destroying the future offspring.
You have a similar problem to play the game Beat the elements with a logical twist. If you are willing to take responsibility for the future generation of animals, welcome to the game space, where there are strict rules for wildlife.

Well, eggs, beware!

Disaster will strike games On the one hand, it is a pity the animals, which was not to be born, but also a good thing that it happened, because it paved the way to a man who inherited the land. If so, let's continue begun, and divide the remaining eggs become gods, to control the elements of nature:

  • Gradom
  • Treschiny in pochve
  • Meteoritnym dozhdem

Vse these things you will find while playing the disaster, but the full set, they never are only some are active in each case, and you can choose the option you think is the most logical.

  • Uraganom
  • Smerchem
  • Navodneniem
  • Molniey
  • Ognem
  • Zemletryaseniem
  • Opolznem
  • Virusom

Task is complicated by the limited number of natural phenomena, so it is preferable not to make any unnecessary movements wrong, and think about an effective way immediately. Stones roll, the board of debris, crushing the thin shell.
Gradually, the characters begin to evolve. At the very least, it can be considered a trolley on wheels and primitive houses of manifestation. But that will not save them from extinction, just as the gods decide. Strong wind over the water, a pair of stones from the sky and fire, all you need to destroy.
Created several series of games Beat the elements, and in each we see that farming population is still alive, and the difficulties tempered her. Characters become more advanced, resistant to trouble, come up with possible escape. You will become more and more difficult to get them, but thank heavens disasters are now more varied, too. Whatever came up with the characters, what tricks to go, you can find a weapon, in order to get their way.


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