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Bibi games

Free online games Bibi Blocksberg attracts like a magnet. How else, after all here to play to be a slim girl Bibi Bloksberg - young hereditary sorceress. Despite the spellcasting ability, it remains a good and fun. Make friends with her ​​and she will teach you to fly on a broomstick, magic potions recipes, with it you will be able to collect the stars in the sky, find treasures, play pinball, make music and learn a new spell. These classes are useful for you and Bibi, to strengthen memory and dexterity, observation and speed, logic and other important qualities.
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Igry Bibi - small magician: about the use made ​​urokov

Bibi little fairy games plot in which the magic is present, will always be popular with players. Introducing the game Bibi – Little fairy, in which you will meet with the leading heroine, her friends and family.

  • – mother Barbara Bibi. She is a member of the Council of witches and enjoys cooking of spiders, frogs and other exotic ingredients.
  • Bernhard
  • – Papa Bibi. It is an ordinary middle-aged man.
  • – Boris brother Bibi, who initially only flashed in the film.
  • Girls: Florian, Marit, Monica, Eleana and others.
  • – Rabia wicked witch, haunting Bibi envy to its success.

Bibi Bloksberg (full name is Bibi) – hereditary witch, and it is natural that the more time to study the magicians than other subjects. But there is no unimportant lessons, and when the parents realized that achievement in mathematics daughter too has fallen, sent her to a boarding school of Altenberg Castle on vacation.
The girl was upset, but still obeyed the will of the parent, and not sorry, because in the new school, she found not only friends, but also adventure. Now they tell Bibi games, and you can help the heroine in her exciting adventures.

Bibi little fairy games

Magiya on the tip paltsa

Nastoyaschey witch does not need auxiliary objects to do magic. Well, except in very rare cases when it is not to do without extra help. See how cleverly works with his magical talent girl during the game Bibi – Little fairy.

Vse know that witches like to move on a broomstick, and Bibi is also saddling his horse to fly, and at the same time to collect shining stars. She deftly manages a broom, trying not to collide with various waste that occurs in the sky, and gradually accumulate game points. Follow up with the heroine of the night sky, and if you see the meteor shower, this is the game Bibi invite you to catch some of the heavenly bodies for his collection.

In the next game, you will see the benefits of an asterisk that girl saved up for a special occasion. Bibi perestirala much any clothes, and hanging out to dry in the yard. The weather was cloudless and warm, but suddenly the clouds came running when the laundry is already hanging on the ropes. Well, that character knows a spell of rain – she directs a beam of pink star on a cloud, which was black from the gray and poured precipitation again to make it white, fluffy clouds.

Bibi little fairy games Poluchennye knowledge secured in practice, but the abilities of luggage must be constantly improve, and Bibi is trying very hard to learn all the magical signs. Following the movements of the teacher, the heroine tries to reproduce in the air certain signs, and how well it succeeds, will show the percentage scale. The better able to draw the sign, the higher the percentage of compliance and your score. Your time is limited, so try to go through the game tutorial Bibi – Little fairy quickly and as accurately as possible.

Prodolzhaem magic vesele

Podrostkam need money to feel like an adult, independent, and this requires work. Bibi decided to go the beaten track and to get in the cafe. By whom? – naturally waitress. But the work was not so simple and, playing games Bibi, you will understand. Try to keep the tray level so falling on his objects are not pushed. The longer you can keep the balance, the higher the chance of getting the job. It will take some time to practice, so do not despair if you just do the job will fail.
You will be other missions, for example, to move across the pond for water lilies and not fall, play pinball with a good result, and to practice music without a hitch.

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