Little Charmers games

Little Charmers games

There charodeek there are new free online game Little Charmers. Meet Posey, Hazel and Lavender, which will play in the magical adventure. These cute crumbs are always tuned in a positive way, like music and dance, and if someone is sad, they will help him to laugh. They are not afraid of difficulties, and you are offered to pass the test of skill, logic and intelligence. Fly with them on a broom, a magic potion to cook, collect pieces of the puzzle, find the hidden figures, houses heroines in the maze, find the items in the pictures, the differences and paired cards.
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Little Charmers games

summer 2015 children began to watch the new US- Canadian animated series about the young wizard. Several months passed, and in his explanation came in a variety of games Little Charmers, which are presented in this section is free.
If you love miracles, believe in fairy tales, are ready to be surprised, and not afraid to hit the road for new adventures, the game Little Charmers will pleasantly surprise you, because they embodied everything that you need. Especially they like girls for its bright graphics and trends:

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Zhiteli magic strany

Little Charmers games events developing in a fairy-tale town Charmvile where all its inhabitants – ordinary magicians.

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They inhabit the city experienced sorcerers and very young creatures who only learn the basics of magic. Wizards professionals continue to improve in their skill, arranging contests and competitions, as well as competing in their daily lives, trying to surprise with new tricks.
Among the younger generation of great expectations serves three girlfriends:


  • Heyzel most positive, fair, good-natured and curious sorceress. Through ownership of a magic wand and a natural gift, it changes the situation on the inhospitable cozy and comfortable.
  • Pouzi – cheerful eccentric that through dance, songs and spells causes sadness to pass, and in its place calls on happy thoughts.
  • – Lavender uses his sorcery different potions, mixing in their unnoticed. Bold, bright fairy who always find the right path.  

They have a lot to learn, hone natural gift of magic to perfection. And even now they are often confused in the word spells, magic gestures and not always skillfully use a magic wand, they all come.
Friendship heroines helps to find the right solutions, and if someone gets in trouble, they will surely come to the rescue. In difficult situations, they temper the character and skills, and a cheerful temper helps them not to lose heart.
Let provocative motives Posey, potions and spells Lavender Hazel did not always work as it should, but that's just the beginning of their career, magical, and they will learn to use your gift well. And while the game Little Charmers will help them and you to consolidate the lessons learned earlier in practice.

Playing and testify!

Little Charmers games Girls decided to try out new roots and powders, Brew magic elixir. Something clearly went wrong, and now out of the pot poured foam and smoke, and the girls are trying to prevent a serious accident. This moment captures the puzzle, which you are encouraged to collect the pieces.
In order to become a good magician, it is necessary to train attention and memory, there are special games Little Charmers. Girls looking for the numbers in the pictures, seeing every detail in the magnifier. Do this several times until the process will not take you a minimum of time. In order to strengthen the memory, get paired cards. Having found the identical images, you earn player points, and the pair find, the higher the bonus faster. Having passed all levels, you can start over, to secure the effect.
Once Hazel decided to treat girlfriends cookies, and went to the kitchen in order to bake it yourself, without the use of magic. She took her mother's best recipe, and slipped all the steps until she turned beautiful and delicious cookies with cream.
Little Charmers Games offer many more exciting destinations, where you will fly on a broom, a constituent unit, try on outfits and place mazes.

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