Witch games

Witch games

Horrible Phobos attacked Meridian – a world of good wizards. To defeat the enemy, you will probably need to start playing free online games Sorceress, using the magic of five girlfriends. The only way you will be able to regain its former earthlings balance of elements and to reassure the residents of your world. Any means is acceptable, and even a painter's brush may be the magic wand that will return Meridian colors of nature. Broken into pieces in the world of add puzzles, and remove unnecessary details from the background to be cleansed from the filth imposed Phobos. And in order to feel like a real witch riding a broom and fly in the sky.

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Fascinating and dangerous world of magic

Witch games online Games sorceress – Another fun, in which heroines possess magic and apply it against evil. The idea is not new and is not unique, but is popular especially among girls. Before us again five girlfriends who are Warden Veil:

  • Cornelius,  
  • Irma,  
  • Taranee,  
  • Hai Lin,  
  • The head of the villa.  

Each sorceress operates one of the elements of nature, and is constantly improving its magic. Sorceress online games were a continuation of the theme of the French animated television series, which was filmed in turn by Italian comics. The story began in the magical dimension Meridian. Here the authors went the beaten path and not much bother the original story, and use proven and effective technique when evil magician seizes power over civilians. Call this villain Phobos that ancient Greek translates as « starh ». People staying at the Meridian privations, the heiress to the throne in exile Elion and temporarily living on Earth, settled in the city Hiterfild. She goes to school, he feels a normal girl, forgetting about their origin and destination. But she was not left alone, because the subjects continue to patronize it and make sure that it has found its way. That appeared next to Eliot girlfriend, it's their decision, but it's not just the girls, but the real Warden Veil – magic curtain that protects the world from evil and frightening Phobos. Now Eliot one of Guardians and from that moment it begins a long way in the struggle for power and the throne.

The forces heroines gives them a magic talisman – Kandrakar heart. It can be modified, taking various forms:

  • be as a pendant,  
  • precious gem,
  • a living creature.  

Going from one to the other Warden, it shares with them magical powers that are necessary in their constant struggle and helps to overcome the Veil. Anyone who resorted to Kandrakar leaves its mark in it and is ready to provide advice next owner mascot.

Fight against evil, playing games Sorceress

Witch games online Witch games online All the games of the sorceress online free are presented on our website and lovers of mysticism, science fiction and fantasy can connect to the company of our heroines, to rebuff Phobos with his evil intentions, to protect the world Meridian and help Elion take the throne which belongs to it by right. Choose your sorceress and go to fight with the evil spirits that surrounds it from different sides. You as a weapon energy clots that should be released into enemies. The enemy becomes more and, therefore, your actions must be swift.

Adventure awaits you even more dangerous mission to rescue friends. One of the girls charodeek goes to look for her in the dark corridors of the massive castle. Her path goes through obstacles, collision which takes a piece of life, and when it all dries up, you will fail the operation, the loss is yours and the one on which you hurry. Punched while flying bubbles, poles and fire, if possible. If they are continuous wall, use their magical powers – throw yourself in front of an energetic charge, and it will destroy the barrier. If the mission is complete, at the end of the corridor you see his girlfriend, and when help her escape from the trap to begin a new trial.

Games for girls sorceress not disappoint lovers odevalok, cosmetic procedures, puzzles and coloring. For Cornelia and her friends pick up clothes for the season, and at the carnival. Especially beautiful costumes offered on the occasion of Halloween, because here you can dress up as witches. And if you visit the secret lab, able to cook for yourself now the magic potion!

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