Haunted Mansion games

Haunted Mansion games

I love scary horror? Then free to play games Phantom Mansion Online you will enjoy for sure. The hero found himself in a sinister castle, which can be represented. Voluntarily he would not have appeared in the locked up the house at night, which tells the terrible things, but learning about the hidden treasures, decided to take a chance. The hero wander from room to room, breaking the tranquility of ghosts, which for centuries were the only inhabitants of the apartments. Be careful not to perish in the attack ghosts, collect keys, open doors and collect bonuses, closer to his goal.
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Ne be afraid to check out the game Mansion with privideniyami

Haunted Mansion games Welcome brave in the category of the game Haunted Mansion. Only seasoned players dare to look into the abode of restless spirits that hundreds and thousands of years of wandering through the corridors of the abandoned castle in search of a pure soul. They tired to keep their terrible secret, and are willing to share them with those who dare to visit their long-standing shelter. Taking with him the courage and spare pants (just in case), and get ready for a meeting that does not forget the end of life.

Are you in ghosts – does not believe the value, because they just believe in you. You hear a vague whisper? – the ghosts are trying to tell you my story. Behind him there was a creak? – do not be surprised, it's the invisible hosts of the castle, turned into their prison, followed by your shadow.

feel the icy touch of his skin? – dead fingers trying to grab you, to drag in a dark lair, and turned into a toy for the next hundred years. You feel like stir the hair on your head? – it's time to play the game Haunted Mansion.

Brodilka for the most resolute and smelyh

Haunted Mansion games We hope we have enough scare to create the perfect mood for the game Haunted Mansion. Now you can focus on subjects that are presented to choose from.
One of the toy recalls pacman – protagonist wanders through the castle maze, collect items and try to avoid a collision with ghosts. Controlling them, you become a hunter, who was invited to the home of the old manor that you clean it from the remnants of the former owners of the mental consciousness.
You have to hard work for many hours, and 35, and levels to explore every corridor collect all the valuable artifacts, to get to the enemy nest and destroy it. The work will help the forces collected skulls, keys, and other useful artifacts, with which you can get at the time of necessary force, to pass particularly dangerous areas.
Ghosts getting bigger, and can easily be lost if we relax vigilance. Sometimes, to open a passage to the next area, you have to move some boxes under the watchful eye of various evil spirits, paced nearby rows.

Haunted Mansion games On the topic of the game Haunted Mansion, you can find other subjects.

  • Issleduyte corridors terrible zamka
  • Sobirayte keys in order to open dveri
  • Podbirayte artifacts for a new sily
  • Izbegayte lovushek
  • Ne faced with prizrakami
  • Proydite all urovni


Esche locks privideniyami

For example, one young couple had long dreamed of his own castle, and was delighted when we found at a tolerable price is quite decent and very old mansion. He quickly drew up the paper and entered into it, did not even wonder why such a magnificent building was empty for so long, and so easily they got.

The case turned into a ghost, who hastened to declare itself on the first night. In this quest is necessary to activate the items that are available for the action. You have to help people get rid of the ghosts from their territory.

Interesny story offers another game in which the gloomy atmosphere created uninhabitable, a large old house, from which we must find a way out. Scroll through the rooms, collect items, looking for a use for them. Do not miss the tips that will help find the path to salvation.

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