Lab Rats games

Lab Rats games

Adults do not allow children to play in research laboratories. I wonder why? Probably, that has not happened woes. What happens when you disobey adults, says the series and free online games Lab rats. Once Leo made ​​his way to his father's study when he was engaged in researches, and as a result there were three teenagers with superpowers. Chase has incredible intellect, Adam hits a huge force, and the girl Bree rushes at lightning speed. It's time to play in the proposed subjects, using the talents of children in rescue missions and training their own talents.
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Lab Rats games Scientific experiments and laboratory experiments seem to people far from science, alchemy, magic secret, secret knowledge. There's always something steaming in flasks and test tubes, boiling colored liquid on a blackboard inscribed with mysterious formula. It was born in the laboratories of the most daring discoveries and dangerous viruses, and testing ground becomes a real life outside the laboratory walls.

Amerikansky sitcom, released in 2012, and also served as the basis for the game Experimental, talks about the result of an unusual experiment scientist billionaire who created three unique children. Leo found them when snuck in the laboratory stepfather. While in the present scenario, only two children, the show was called"lab rats", but with the advent of the girls it was renamed the"Experimental".

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Lab Rats games To understand who will meet in the plot of the game Experimental, it is logical to meet with them in advance.

    Donald Davidson
  • – billionaire inventor. It was he who created the three special-needs children, as well as many other projects.
  • Leo Francis Dooley – teenager 15 years with talent everywhere to organize the chaos and bring other problems. Special abilities he does not have, but Douglas is still implanted in his body bionic arm with the ability to produce laser beams to transmit the energy to make a throw, and having a kinetic superpower. For a long time Lee remains an outcast, but once he gets her, and his take on the team.
  • Chase Davenport – young man of 16 years with high intelligence. Speaks telekinesis, generates a force field and lightsaber. Physically weak, but his alter ego has a destructive force. Wakes second person named Spike, when Chase is very angry.
  • Adam Davenport – seventeen character, created in the image of Superman, and therefore has a superpower, a strong breath and poorly controlled laser vision. When Adam gets angry, his eyes flying fire, and if happy – hands shoot grenades.
  • Bri Davenport – girl of 16 years, endowed with super-speed, simulate any sound and can jump high. Its mobility impacted on the figure of – has become flexible and very thin.

Lab Rats games When Leo discovered an unusual team, he began to persuade Donald that children are bored all the time in the four walls, and the like all children, they need to communicate. Yielding to the entreaties and decided to expand the scope of the experiment, the inventor thought that school attendance among peers can go for the benefit of young people. With this and start unforeseen complications, which appear and are fully capable of characters that are reflected in the themes Subjects games.

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Kazhdaya 's version, is another testing ground for the special skills of children. Simple missions will not be, because the force needed for a serious serious difficulties.
One day Adam, Bree and Chase were on the space station, and must figure out how to escape from it. Around there is the usual subjects, and in order to move forward on every level of the game Experimental heroes must use his gift. Sometimes the results can be achieved only after the collective participation.

Another time playing Subjects will throw a new challenge. In the laboratory, it proved to be a dangerous virus, and it should be more to detect and destroy. Next, you will participate in the competition on the track. Your car is complemented by new inventions, and manage Ying necessary skill to achieve a better result without putting others in danger.

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