Roly-Poly Cannon games

Roly-Poly Cannon games

Presenting an original puzzle game in which everyone wants to play for free - is a series of online game Roly Poly Cannon to destroy harmful koloboks. You will see dressed up in different images of faces that should be destroyed without pity. Do you have a gun charged and, choosing the angle of the shot, you can destroy one or several enemy characters. An effective and will bounce if skillfully use them. The kernel must hit the wall and bounce in the opposite direction, sweeping away the obstacles in the way, and getting to the final goal, as conceived developers.
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Igry Roly Poly Cannon from sunset to rassveta

Roly-Poly Cannon games 've all heard the horror before you actually true. Just because they presented to you to think that these are ordinary mystical stories to tickle nerves. Lull man, it is easier to discourage, caught by surprise. A place all of the most terrible things at night, when the moon rises high, filling their cold light, even the air.

Under the cover of night games Roly Poly Cannon reveal their darkest secrets. In a small village, which stands at the edge of the forest on the edge of the swamp, inhabited by otherworldly evil. When the solar disc hides behind the horizon, wake up skeletons, zombie crawl out of their graves, crypts leave fanged vampires, demons materialize, activated by the evil sorcerers, monsters swim out of the quagmire. He supervises this collection Death itself with a scythe, and the company it keeps growing with each level.

Ozhivshie kolobki

Esli look at the characters of the game Roly Poly Cannon carefully, you will be surprised, because the monsters of all stripes none other like emoticons (or balls). But instead of smiling, sad or angry yellow smileys in the story they have turned into bloodthirsty inhabitants of the ghost world, ready for a bloody feast every night. Roly-Poly Cannon games

Your role demon hunter with a gun, loaded with silver bombs in unlimited quantities. Armed with a powerful gun, shoot nocturnal creatures, so before sunrise there was not a villain.

Obitateli game Roly Poly Cannon cleverly hidden behind stone walls, but if the resort to its own logic, be sure to find the right solution, how to get there, even the enemy, which is not so difficult if you use a ricochet. The bomb will bounce from masonry, and will fly to the shelter of demons, and after a few seconds to explode. On the bomb, you will see a countdown to the big boom, and it is important that it did not explode prematurely.
I do not like monsters and familiarity with spikes that await them in a trap.

Ognennye lake can incinerate an entire army of demons, and when that happens, their spirits turn into bats. If this is the usual small beads, after the destruction of the little flock, they fly flying bloodsuckers, but when you kill their boss, it takes more time, but in the end a pleasure to watch as it rises winged black soul impressive size.

Igrovaya strategiya

Roly-Poly Cannon games As the game Roly Poly Cannon is a series, in each there are some additions in the form of equipment and tasks. For example, in the third part it is necessary to not only kill enemies and save hostages caught them. Lovely nurses and shepherds have to survive without falling under fire of your minutes.

  • Navodite gun on the target, and strelyayte
  • Ispolzuyte ricochet, so send a projectile into the desired tochku
  • Podryvayte peregorodki
  • Zadeystvuyte different predmety
  • Zapuskayte mehanizmy
  • Spasayte peaceful zhiteley

Inogda may need two bombs sent to one goal, to get action. For example, the massive iron core is difficult to budge one hit, and the explosion of shells did not give the required acceleration.

Urovni game Roly Poly Cannon gradually become more complicated, but intricately arranged traps and surroundings give the gameplay entertainment. You will wrap the ongoing Halloween atmosphere when the streets easily roam ghost, monster, head of pumpkins, zombies, skeletons and other monsters. Get familiar with them, clearing the streets of the city from the horror that they had settled, using the available tools.

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