Gingerbread Man games

Gingerbread Man games

Children and adults can play free online games online Gingerbread Man, and each will find its direction. The hero speaks the smiling and kind, then sent to the campaign, which overcomes obstacles and find solutions logical and in some games appears toothed and evil. But everyone can enjoy communication in a certain style without leaving the column. Help him prepare a variety of dishes, sending the stove products mentioned in the list. Then escort along the way and save his beloved. And when the full moon comes, Gingerbread will become a werewolf, and would hunt hares.
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Non-child games Kolobok

Gingerbread Man games online Everyone remembers the fairy tale about Kolobok, who once imagined himself a steep loaf and left home, leaving behind those who loved his grandfather and grandmother. Life threw him along the bumpy paths, finally hardening his soul. No one, except for the forest beast, coveted the dusty baking. But he safely left the hare, who simply didn’t really want to gnaw a stale crust, the wolf liked the meat more, and the bear had juicy berries, so they also didn’t get upset when Kolobok rolled away. Only the fox from sports interest and congenital harm decided to grab the brazen Kolobok. Open Kolobok games for free, and you will see that the main character can be different.

Mad Kolobok

One day Kolobok completely lost his mind and made chaos in the forest. At night, with a full moon, he turned into a zombie, and with a frantic grin, he quickly rolled through the thicket. Apparently, the night stood out as something special, since the hares are also out of their mind, and swords jump out of the trees.

Now it is up to you who will win in this fight, you or the cross-eyed. If Kolobok jumps to the hare, he will be blown to shreds, but at the end of the round there will be a meeting with the boss-maniac, who is much more difficult to defeat. During this Kolobok online game, jump onto barrels of radioactive waste so that the hero throws up a blast wave where he can collect useful bonuses. Use earned points to improve Kolobok, making it toothy, meaner, faster, faster and bouncy. This is a completely non-children's version of the game about Kolobok, and even if it is in this category, it will suit the older generation of gamers more.

Gingerbread Man games online There is also a fascinating variant of a logical toy, where you have to accompany the hero through a dark and scary forest. Helping him avoid the traps. He is afraid of spiders and sharp spikes hiding in the grass. Having run into them, Kolobok loses a part of vital forces, therefore be careful. He can not jump, but he learns to use magic, and will soon be able to freeze lakes and turn into fireballs.

Games Gingerbread man for the little ones

And yet the majority of the plots adhere to the traditions, presenting the main character to you as kind, smiling, inquisitive. Having started playing Kolobok games for free, it becomes immediately clear that they have something in common with a children's fairy tale, but they offer to solve several fascinating tasks with familiar characters:

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  • Select the ingredients for the miracle oven
  • Perform logic tasks

Gingerbread Man games online During the game, Kolobok for preschoolers must answer all the questions of animals: bunny, wolf, bear and fox, in order to continue their journey. Each one asks a question where there are more or less objects in the picture, and only having specified correctly, Kolobok happy jumps further.

Get to know you and with a universal stove, in which you need to poison different foods to cook a new dish. Gingerbread man will cover a chic table, which will be kebabs, pizza, porridge, compote.

Other free online games Kolobok are dedicated to the red Kolobok, which loves to travel, rescues its beloved from other creatures that differ from it in color and shape. Making his way along the paths, the hero decides many different situations, in order not to die, to start the process and achieve the desired effect.

Rubrika is full of unexpected surprises, and the hero of children's fairy tales suddenly becomes something big. He travels, shows intelligence, teaches children, and the next moment he grows fang and rushes to hunt for rabbit. There is a lot of unusual and strange, as well as good and positive.

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