Another planet games

Another planet games

The hero with whom you have to spend a lot of time turned out to be a brave small. Another in his place would have been lost for a long time, but not he. With him happened what every astronaut is afraid - the fuel in a rocket in the middle of an endless space ended. He has no one to help, and will have to rely only on his own strength. Your task - free to play Another planet games online , helping the hero get out of a difficult situation. You will be taken to an uninhabited planet, covered with a strange flora. Its only benefit is that there are crystals that will help the hero to leave the unfriendly landscape.
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Child adventure in Another planet games

Another planet games online Another planet games will appeal to all lovers of adventure. This is not just the adventure of a representative of a non-terrestrial civilization who has lost his way in the vastness of the cosmos. He challenges human beings, only the most resourceful and dexterous will be able to help a lovely alien.

The story begins with the release of the first part. The little violet man understands that his ship is faulty, and he crashes. He miraculously manages to stay alive, the ship is broken, and the unfortunate person is on an unknown planet. The alien needs to repair his spacecraft at all costs, his wife and little children are waiting for him at home. The user needs to be smart and accurately calculate every step in order to overcome obstacles and help the hero to collect all the necessary details. Another planet games online

The second part of the Another planet games is even more fascinating, the adventures continue, the levels become more complicated. It's good that the alien had a weapon with him, he is certainly a peaceful creature, but you can overcome obstacles and make your way only if you accurately aim and accurately cut pieces of rock. They must fall in such a way as to close deep depressions and deadly lava, bubbling on foreign soil. Players before making any move will have to think hard, weigh and calculate the possible consequences of the shot, and after skillfully controlling the hero to lead him to the goal.

The third release of the Another planet games offers players to experience their logical abilities. The hero never got home, again he crashed, or he never managed to get out the story is silent. Before him are now facing new obstacles, he found in his weapons the function of moving objects, not just shooting. Passing level by level, calls are becoming more difficult.

Features of the Another planet games

Another planet games is very colorful, they have great graphics and sound design. Download the game is not needed, it is quickly loaded and the adventure begins directly in the browser window. Registration is not required in any part. Manage the hero is simple enough, this is done using the keys:

  • A or the corresponding arrow will send the hero to the left;
  • W or the arrow will cause it to jump;
  • D or the arrow move the hero to the right;
  • You can only drag or move items with your mouse.

Another planet games online Each level of the Another planet games poses new tasks for users, in some it is necessary to build a safe way to the character for the coveted stone, so necessary for repairing the rocket, in others to accurately guide the alien himself to the target.

In the section there are other games about extraterrestrial beings. War with another planet will offer users to fight against invaders, they send a huge space fleet, trying to enslave peaceful creatures and take their house away. The task of the players is not to give way to insidious plans, and not to miss a single ship.

Games The last ninja from another planet against the Mafia is another fun adventure involving aliens. In this version, the alien hero studied martial arts, although it is unclear how this art came to Japan, and maybe he flew and studied with the best masters. The task of a super fast and clever creature to defeat a criminal group directly in their lair. The character is able to move with great speed, obstacles on his way will only be the walls. Moved an alien is capable of both horizontal surfaces and vertical. The most difficult task for players is to pass the labyrinth without losing a life and destroy the members of the mafia.

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