Bot Arena games

Bot Arena games

Games Arena bots will appeal to all fans of hot fighting battles of robots. In all five parts of the game, opponents will be worthy, it will not be easy to win. It will turn out to be absolutely free to play, in order to improve combat vehicles you need only the currency you can earn in battle. Run all parts online, do not have to download anything. There is no compromise, only one will survive, the one who will be the fastest and most agile, brave and strong. It is not enough just to upgrade the bot and test it in battle, you still need to skillfully manage it, and use any situation on the battlefield for your own purposes.
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Games Arena bots iron battles

Bot Arena games online Games Arena bots will take players to the virtual world that robots inhabit. They are created by the users themselves, and after they carry out tests for strength and power in combat conditions. If the bot does not withstand the scrum, then the process begins again, you have to correct design errors or practice managing your car.

Arena bots of the game, released by the whole series, all you can find five parts. Each of which has its own features and additions. The developers, as each subsequent part was released, sought to introduce new interesting points both in the menu itself and in the gameplay in general, taking into account all the wishes of users. Thus the series was very entertaining. Starting to play from the first part, you can train well, as each subsequent one becomes more and more difficult and requires more dexterity, speed of reaction and accuracy in controlling robots. Bot Arena games online

All parts of the Bots Arena game are completely free, they have built-in stores with details for iron cyborgs, but you can only buy them for virtual money, and you can only earn them by defeating opponents on the battlefield. There is no need to download and install games, they all load in a couple of seconds in a browser window, so you can join the deadly fight at any convenient time when


A review of the parts of the game Botsa Arena

The first part of the Bots Arena game is released in minimalistic graphics with simple mouse controls, but this does not affect the exciting process. The player is on the battlefield one on one with the enemy. The enemy, in turn, does not give in from the first level, immediately from the first seconds opens fire. The task of the players is to avoid enemy bullets and to conduct aimed fire until the complete destruction of the opponent. On the right side of the screen you can see the amount of health of both the user's robot and the opposing side.

Arena bots of the second and third games are more difficult, they already have little to defeat their opponents, you need to have a development plan for your fighting machine, for example, you can improve the following indicators:

  • Rate of fire and cannon blow;
  • Mibrability of the cyborg itself;
  • Protective characteristics;
  • Number of simultaneously fighting machines.

Bot Arena games online Initially, players are given a certain amount to start building their own bot, after each victory a sum is credited to the virtual account, and it can be used to continue upgrading the combat robot.

Next part called Air Arena Bots 2 is even more interesting and more difficult, it will appeal to already trained players. First, in it another control moves the robot around the screen using the arrows on the keyboard, and shoots the left mouse button. Secondly, the enemy is not one, from time to time different rivals appear and moving traps are set on the field, a blow to which causes detonation and explosion. The third difference is that after the destruction of an opponent, spare parts from him remain on the screen, having collected them in time, you can pay for your robot.

The latest release will suit already sophisticated players who can not only master bots, but also construct their combat vehicles. It is better to thoroughly study all the characteristics of various parts before starting and work out a plan for modernizing the robot in advance, taking into account future victories.

Arena bots games are very exciting, they have all the classic elements of the genre of shooters and military tactics. It will not be easy to defeat an opponent, but with an effort, even after several defeats, it is possible to do so.

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