Trollface games

Trollface games

Tired of shooting, fighting, growing corn and picking outfits? Then open up the online Trollface games in order to play for free, enjoying a kind of humor. Before you Trollolo - the hero of comics and demotivators. You have known him since 2008, and now you have the opportunity to join his audacious entertainment in the game world. Every action is aimed at creating a funny situation. Whatever he does, it is accompanied by trolling. Basically he is the hero of various quests, and you can pass them quickly, because all the scenes involve one or two actions. Meet and start playing.
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Be careful, this is a Trollface games!

Trollface games online If you are over 4 and under 70 years old, you are well acquainted with the word "troll." It was born in 1996, and in 2008, the mocking Trollface games appeared in the open spaces of the virtual network. The artist, revived the caricature, known on the Internet as Whynne's web. He first published his character on the Deviantart website as Comic Trolls comic. Smiling smugly, the hero was happy that every time he managed to get what he wanted. The image came out so topical that it quickly turned into an all-Internet meme, and after a lot of photojob and demotivators games appeared trollface.

This person is well known to anyone who even occasionally wanders into the virtual space. His image is more eloquent than words informs that the hero has once again successfully driven someone out of himself. By launching the game troll-up quest, you can be sure that you will not find dress-ups, races and shooters, but there will definitely not be a lack of humor.

Black Humor Games

Although there is a lot of humor in each story and there is a decent amount of humor, it is quite black, and for some people it can cause a little confusion. And yet no matter how to play games, troll-like will appeal to most gamers. The main character in all its glory is shown in different situations. He will play football, chop vegetables for a salad, solve logical puzzles, there is always a place for trolling. But his most favorite activity is to develop a toilet theme. Trollface games online

If he wants to go to the lavatory, he will tolerate it until the last while it is no longer possible to endure the torment. And only then will rush to the faience friend, overcoming all sorts of obstacles. If hesitates or cannot quickly get over the barrier, Trollolo's pants will be soiled. Another time, the toilet will become a flying vehicle. Riding it, you need to fly away to gain maximum points, and then with their help to pump a boost. And once the toilet turned into a car to move along parallel realities, and no one expected it to be sure.

More game themes

If you are not afraid to get under the evil influence of the hero, feel free to start the proposed fun one after the other. For several years of his life Troll managed to inherit in different genres:

  • Logic Games
  • Adventure
  • At the mark
  • Meme Generator

Trollface games online Starting in the game troll-face to play, get ready for sudden bouts of laughter. Starting another adventure, the character necessarily brings you to the fact that it is necessary to accomplish stupidity, and the result always turns out unpredictable.

Whatever Trolllo did, he wants to have the most fun. The goal of trolling is to get someone out of themselves, to make them nervous, angry, argue, to express other negative emotions. As soon as the mission is completed successfully, the mood of the bully rises, and he laughs mischievously. Basically, the Trollface games offer a lot of quests for free, in which the most different tasks. For example, each location requires certain actions to go to a nightclub, take pictures of someone, find items, win sports. Since the character was originally conceived as a protagonist of comics, in the game world events also look the same.

You can even create memes yourself by opening the corresponding toy. Using the available tools, create an original image, save it, and then use it as an avatar or send the result to a friend by email. Fun in this category is provided, the main thing is to perceive each situation with humor, and not to try to repeat these pranks in real life.

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