Fireman Sam games

Fireman Sam games

If you dreamed of a ride on a fire truck, free online Fireman Sam games would be useful. Starting to play, you will be available not only cars, but also helicopters with boats, which are also involved in fire fighting. There are a lot of tasks to rescue - to remove kittens and puppies from a burning house, to pull them out of the trap of streets. But in addition to the numerous heroic deeds, you need to train a lot to bring movements to automatism. Climb the stairs to a height, jump on the platforms, drive the car on the road and go around obstacles. Much to do is to speed.
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Fireman Sam games for the Valiant

Boldness can be raised in oneself, but some are already born brave. Such people can be seen by what profession they choose a military man, a pilot, a police officer, a fireman. These specialties are faced daily with danger. But this does not mean that such people have no fear, they just know how not to notice it during work. This fireman pro section of the game, Sam Free, allows you to get in touch with one of the most important professions in order to personally perform several feats. Fireman Sam games online

It seems the smoke smells!

You will meet the brave Sam, who is indispensable if a fire broke out nearby. He seeks to come to the aid of the victims, rushing into the thick of the hem at the ready with a hydrant. Naturally, he needs the help of a partner, and he is glad to your society. Sometimes you have to control the arrow keys, and sometimes just one mouse. When you open Sam Fireman games online, you will see the following genres:


  • Pazly
  • Na Agility
  • Colorings
  • Management of transport
  • Picks
  • Freaks
  • Logic

Since the topic is about a fire, each toy plays with its own situation. Fires arise for various reasons, children's games with matches, open fire in the forest, poor wiring and much more. You have to go in situations where you need to understand the better to extinguish the resulting fire: sand, water, fire extinguisher or foam. Just watch for Sam's remarks, and try using different tools by dragging them onto the object of fire with the mouse.

Fireman Sam games online More than once, playing the games Fireman Sam online for free, will have to climb the stairs, overcoming floor by floor levels of a high-rise building. On each tier it is necessary to save the cat or dog, extinguish the cunning flames. It is necessary to act very quickly, not allowing the elements to gain strength. How much is left to put out and how many pets to save, look at the game screen. Along the way, you need to collect fire extinguishers that stand on the platforms, but to get to them, jump between the platforms and climb the stairs.

In addition to extinguishing fires, fire fireners constantly train by performing various tasks. One of them is to get to a given point as quickly as possible and evacuate people from there. Game for boys Fireman Sam beats up this situation, and it is necessary to go at speed on a three-lane road, trying not to run into an obstacle. Upon reaching the next house, take the people there, and move on until you collect all. If you have long dreamed of riding a fire truck, this is a unique opportunity.

How else to put out the fire?

It is not always possible to drive a car to a source of disaster. If the forest is burning, the flames rage at the factory, the oil rig on the sea caught fire, to get to the objects will be released only by helicopter or by water. Fireman Sam games online

Our hero not only skillfully drives a car, but also perfectly manages fire helicopters and boats. If you play Sam Fireman games for free, more than once you will be able to participate in such operations. Bring a steel dragonfly to the flame, and drop a stream of water on top of it. Try to get right, because you have 30 lesions that need to be put out, and if it is uneconomical to drain water, it may not be enough.

At another time, a helicopter will help you save people and animals, which also requires skill. In the case of the boat will be training again. At this time, it is necessary to find an angle so that the mechanism gives it acceleration and throws it far into the sea. This will help get to where the trouble has happened, so try to do the exercise several times, improving the result.

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