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Oddbods Games

You will enjoy playing free-of-charge online Oddbods Games, for it cannot be otherwise. Just imagine the cute, multi-colored creatures dressed in fur coats with horns of different shapes. Everyone has their own wild character, and therefore having fun with them is always fun. They love sports, inventions, sweets, sometimes just lazy and watch TV. This company is inseparable, and spends all the time together. With them you will collect puzzles, work in a pizzeria and a burger, test jetpacks and set sports records. Fun is guaranteed, because it's Oddbods!
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Oddbods Games online The world around is beautiful, and sometimes very strange, especially if it is not clear how it turned out to be in a mythical country inhabited by unusual creatures. Having opened the Oddbods Games created by the animated series of the same name, you yourself will see how creatures that have played the main role have a creative appearance. By the way, they have become so popular that they come in the form of toys.

But back to our virtual world in order to enjoy communication with special characters.

Main characters

  • Bed Pogo moves the creed of a day without jokes. He loves jokes, pranks and all manifestations of humor. It is he who cheers everyone, but sometimes his antics bring friends to hysterics. However, he can not help it, because it is part of his nature. Pogo loves traps, his house and catapult. Dislikes too serious, waiting and scientific debate.
  • Yellow Bubbles never lose heart, being a model of eternal positive. He is always in a great mood, which he does not mind sharing with others. He also likes fun, but his jokes are more kind than those of Pogo. Unlike Pogo, Bubbles loves science and everything new, therefore laboratory equipment and strange artifacts are among his favorite things.
  • Green Zita is hardly a model of hard work. This is a lazy and not particularly neat character, which is why nothing is taken seriously. He is too frivolous and carefree to take responsibility for a serious event. His favorite occupation is to sleep and eat pizza, but because the bed is his favorite place. He does not like to throw away food, hurry and work.
  • Red Fusus is a real strongman, and can boast about it for any reason. Having tremendous power, he prefers to act at first, and only then can he wonder if it was not worth first trying to solve the issue differently. He adores his couch, truck and all the sport. Can't stand to lose, bore and wait for something.
  • Orange Slik considers himself cool and fashionable. She loves when they pay attention to him, but in terms of music she loves pops of not the best quality. Among the favorite things in addition to his home and retro things he himself. He constantly gets in trouble and does not tolerate when he is ignored.
  • Purple Jeff stands out from the rest of the company for discipline and cleanliness, which sometimes makes his friends. This often becomes a cause for jokes on him. She appreciates art and reverently treats her own collection, to which she ranks her down jacket and segway. It does not endure when they are late, make a mess and act spontaneously.
  • Pink Newt love all purple and fluffy. Can not live without a mobile phone, sweets, social networks and your scooter. But does not accept meanness, scary things, not vegan food. The rest is always positive and sociable, albeit stubborn.

Let's play

Oddbods Games online Miracle Games can not be boring when they have such naughty, funny and wonderful characters. Even collecting puzzles, you will see them at the moment of fun, which makes working on the assembly even more interesting.

Already Miracle Games will send you into space to experience a new device that Bubbles has invented. Not the fact that everything goes smoothly the first time, but if you practice, everything will work out.

In another plot of the game, Oddbods has to enter the ring and fight as a ninja. This is a sports fight, where the most dexterous, fast and strong wins.

Still have to shoot balls at the target and work in a pizzeria or collecting burgers. All these games of Cuddicki are funny, naughty, dynamic, and necessarily perky and diverse.

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