Guardians of the Galaxy Games

Guardians of the Galaxy Games

Playing games based on cinematic products for free has become the norm. These include the plot of the online Guardians of the Galaxy game, where you will again meet the wooden humanoid Groot, ruthless Gamora, the powerful Drax the Destroyer, the rocket raccoon Rocket and the main character - Peter Quill. Former enemies, and now friends, they teamed up to sell a powerful realm. Adventure platformer has prepared an exciting adventure. Ahead are interesting tasks, battles with enemies, collecting artifacts, accumulating coins, solving puzzles and communicating with heroes.
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Fantastic Guardians of the Galaxy Games

Guardians of the Galaxy Games online If you are a fan of space adventures, you probably managed to watch the American cinema masterpiece several times, on which the Guardians of the Galaxy games are released. The incredible adventures of a motley company continue, and together with the heroes you have to go on a dangerous campaign through the universe.

The film captures the dynamics of events, skillfully interweaving several genres: action, comedy, adventure and science fiction. The plot develops unpredictably, throughout the history of throwing surprises. The unexpected selection of heroes in the team, so unlike each other, unique and charismatic, also plays a role.

A bit about characters

Before you open the features of the game Guardians of the Galaxy, it is worth recalling the main characters in the story.


  • Guardians of the Galaxy Games online Peter Quill grew up in the company of aliens Ravagers who stole him after the death of his mother. He was raised as the real thief, thief and pirate, and now his name is Star Lord. He successfully copes with the tasks assigned to him by Yorda's adoptive father and the head of the gang. However, the last mission did not go exactly as planned by Peter. Having stolen a powerful sphere on the planet Morag, he decided to sell it himself, having appropriated the profit, which Jorda really did not like. Now, in the footsteps of Qwill, hunters are sent, sent to take away the sphere and destroy it.
  • Gamora is beautiful and dangerous. She ruthlessly kills everyone who stands in her way. It was she who was entrusted with the task of destroying the Star-Lord and taking away his sphere.
  • A rocket is a rational raccoon involved in the pursuit of Peter and his artifact. Armed and determined. His appearance often becomes the occasion for jokes around, not taking a fluffy cute creature seriously. This rocket is very angry, and although he tries to keep himself in control, it is clear what efforts it requires from him.
  • Drax the Destroyer obsessed with revenge for his lost family. Embittered and dangerous. Chases Gamora, and along with the Star Lord, to eliminate them. Outwardly, it resembles a mountain of muscles that can crush any obstacle, and it is part of the Guardians of the Galaxy game.
  • Groot extraterrestrial woody and rational humanoid. He is laconic, and with just one phrase: "I am Groot," expresses all his thoughts. Unlike ordinary trees, it doesn’t burn, it can quickly grow in size, grow one of the branches, using it as a weapon or tool, and also commands trees. He is smart and educated, but most importantly capable of sacrifice. When friends are in danger, he closes them with himself and almost dies. But the raccoon manages to save a small living twig, and now Groot is again a young sprout.

According to the plot of the game version

Guardians of the Galaxy Games online You will meet all these heroes during the Guardians of the Galaxy game, which is represented by the world of Lego Marvel. Arm yourself with the arrow keys to help Peter Quill go his own way, defeat Ronan and save the universe.

It can not do without the help of loyal friends who were enemies at first. But once united, they became a formidable force. You can choose any character for passing, only Groot will become available only after you accumulate enough gold coins.

The Guardians of the Galaxy game is a platformer, and you have to jump through the levels, collecting coins and objects, solve puzzles and destroy opponents. When choosing a hero, keep in mind that he is controlled by a certain type of weapon firearm or cold. Now hit the road, accumulating bonuses and points for further advancement in levels.

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