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Game Mini Putt Garden

Mini Putt Garden

Now you will be able to play some mini-golf. The field for this you will be prepared in the game Mini Putt Garden and it is not quite familiar. We will tell about it a little bit more - it is a garden, where a large number of wells it is prepared for you. There are two kinds of garden - normal and large lakes, where it is very easy to drown your ball. By selecting the field for the soul, you can start the game Mini-golf in the garden. To pass each level you need to make sure that the ball rolled into the hole. To achieve this, you need to set the direction of movement of the ball and its strength. All this is done with the mouse, which need to click on the ball and hold the left button, specify the required parameters. After that release the paint and bead immediately rolling in the right direction. It will be just fine, if you are the first time landed in a small hole his ball. you have time for strikes will be enough, so you can thoroughly prepare for each of the beats. And in each of the fields you are waiting for a variety of jewelry that you will be able to collect their ball. To do this, just need to lay your path so that the ball touched the stones. Gradually Mini Putt Garden in the game on the field will appear different obstacles that will add interest to your golf game. To overcome all these obstacles and ensure that the ball finally rolled into the hole. And if you want more extreme game Mini-golf in the garden, then you certainly should choose the second mode, a water interference. There's your every false move will return the ball to the point where the last stroke was made. And you have to come up again their tactics in order to overcome the obstacle to throw the ball into the goal.
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