Sumo games

Sumo games

sumo, is also athletes, wrestlers, but seeing no muscles, and kilos of fat on their body, can strongly to doubt. But they specifically brings ever for him to become heavier and body weight to push the opponent out of the arena. Open free online games sumo, you will also see that the form they have not quite familiar to us. But fun to play with them, because it is often portrayed athletes more round like a ball. They rolled on the ground, waiting for the moment for a successful fight. And when converge jerk, then push the opponent to the edge of the field. Those who stayed behind, funny whimpering.

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Online Games Sumo – Battle of the strongest

Sumo games Sumo, perhaps the most original form of struggle. In the ring, fighting two fat, body weight, trying to push the enemy beyond the boundaries of the site. Homeland of the Arts – Japan, where all the martial arts are furnished in accordance with national traditions. Only Japan has the status of a professional sumo. The rest of the world, it is amateurish in nature.

The Sumo is the concept of weight, but there are no weight classes. The sportsman should not be lighter 110 kg. Heavy konishiki for six years was the title holder odzeki due to the weight of 275 kg.

The attributes and rules of sumo

  • clothes. [eleven]

The fighters appear almost naked. The only piece of clothing is a mawashi belt – wide dark tape wrapped over the body several times and fixed a special unit at the rear. If it unwound during the show, sumo wrestler is eliminated from the competition. Other decorations on the belt do not carry the functions and present simply as a decorative element. Wrestlers rank high waist silk. Athletes from the top division put on a special belt – kesё-mawashi. He looks like an apron embroidered ornament (everyone has his own), but wear it only on special occasions for rituals.

  • Hairstyle. [eleven]

The famous sumo hairstyle – hair tied in a bun at the benevolent. It has a practical – he softens the blow when striking or falling. Make it difficult, and this art owned by specially trained people, related to the traditions of Japanese theater and sumo.

of the Rules of sumo is not difficult, but demanding:

  • To beat only open palm. [eleven]
  • Do not hit the eyes and in the groin, not to pull hair, lack of ears and fingers. [eleven]
  • who first touched the floor with any part of the body besides the feet, is a loser.  
  • Who first came out of the range of – also declared the loser. [eleven]

To play Sumo games, do not need to be a plump

Sumo games Sumo games

The beautiful game online sumo, is the ability to play them without gaining weight on purpose. For tremors and cuttings need the power of the keys, not the body, so start the selected option, and amused by the fact that push the opponent with the arena.

Here the important moment to show the pressure, do not break the rules. Because obese people get tired quickly, to fight is given a little time. You have a minute to win, so after the signal accelerates and pushes.

We also have games sumo wrestlers with women. Fatties decided that they easily master and the sport. Shaking bodies in swimsuits, they behave even more aggressively than men. If you are bored with the slender beauty, have fun in the company of sultry pyshechek.

You can also feed the athlete to more rounded, becoming a powerful and scary. But even turning into a blimp, it remains very fragile – If you touch him, he immediately burst. Show class in sumo decided and monsters. First, choose a representative, and he was waiting for the signal, sitting on inflatable ring in swimming pool. The rest you know – it is necessary to expel the opponent over the line of the circle.

Other games offer a variety of sumo life athletes and play other sports destinations. Why not try them in football? Of course, to run the ball, they can not, but you can stay on hammering it into the goal.

The next time before you sumo Tweng. Sumo is a cannonball, which gives the acceleration of the stretched elastic. It turns out that something like a slingshot. Shot character must be effective – shoot down a group of sumo on the other, and each cast get points. And among other things, find the differences in the photos with the athletes.

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