Stalker games

Stalker games

Having read books about stalkers, the boys begin to dream to be in the area and found more remnants of monsters, collect artifacts and explore radioactive traps. In fact, such areas exist only in the imagination of writers and online gaming products. If it is interesting to explore such places, open free games Stalker and no one will disturb play, firing mutants and collecting wonderful little things. Each will bring you bonuses and abilities. Some treat, but others are better kept in sealed containers so as not to suffer.

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Games Stalker: a fantasy and reality

Stalker games STALKER. – phantasmagoric toy developed based on the novel by Strugatsky: « Roadside Picnic », mysterious events which are developing on the territory of regions with anomalous. But the authors of the game went ahead and sent to Chernobyl Heroes – exclusion zone after the accident at the nuclear power plant, where under the influence of radiation animate and inanimate matter underwent a mutation. The topic has become so popular and creative that it could not fail to notice the authors of science fiction books and began to develop it in different directions. Now, hardly will be found a man who did not know would be about the miracles taking place in the Ukrainian territory, once a densely populated city.

Metamorphoses feral nature

Now, where children were playing, vacationing couples in love, working people of different professions, overgrown with wild bushes, crumbled attraction run strange beasts of prey, and even self-moving stones. Nothing is no longer a what it once was.

Any plant capable of destroying a person invisible vortex can break into pieces, stones have the ability to heal and kill just by touching. The landscape never remains the same and changes daily, especially after a release of radiation.

The inhabitants of the danger zone

Stalker games Among the characters have free stalkers – Researchers hazardous areas and searchers artifacts; the military; buyers and scientists. Each assigned its own role and the beginning of the game you can choose who you want to become. Stalkers can unite in clans and go on the hunt for the developed plan, and wanting to be free, you have the right to do it, but then lose many privileges. The original version of the game became widely known far beyond the borders of their homeland and won the sympathy of many fans.

The characteristic features of the game Stalker

Starting in the game Stalker play online for free, you will find the game shooters like the original, in which there are recognizable elements.

  • Stalker games You have a lot to shoot and move to the location, avoiding a collision with aggressive animals and paramilitary armed troops.
  • Will you and the choice of weapons, a well as the ability to change it during a shootout. To expand its arsenal, grab a gun and ammo, who will meet you on the road. Some are stored in boxes, while others drop their dead enemies.
  • Sometimes, to get another useful object, you must find the code for the safe or suitcases.
  • In addition to military equipment, will be useful artifacts with unusual properties, as well as medicine to make up for life.
  • Moving in space, we should always remember that this is not just a training ground for the shootings and apart from enemy bullets minutes, under the feet can be quite dangerous objects that have found their line under the influence of radiation.
  • Before making the next step, it is better to throw myself in front of a nut or a stone, to ensure the security of the chosen direction. If the object is dropped, and nothing happened, you can safely move on. If it bounced and flew in the direction of a chaotic, you'd better not to go there if you do not want to lose his life.
  • When managed to find something special among the new forms of life in this area, you can contact to dealers and sell the product at a high price, or exchange it for a useful equipment for scientists. But beware – everyone wants to deceive, to reduce the importance of the find and get their benefits.

lies in the zone of dangerous and unpredictable every day, so, becoming a stalker, beware.

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