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Zombotron games

Boys and girls to be militant free to play online games Zombotron turned into armored robot, which is designed to protect the Earth from the ferocious zombies. This infection is spreading, seizing new spaces, and if the infection is not stopped, there will be live at all. Proceed as ruthlessly as you cleaned the area from walking monsters, because hunger has deprived them of all human. Now it is only the body, devouring not yet infected people, but when they bite a person, who in a moment joined the army condemned to eternal thirst zombies.
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Game Zombotron: the threat on an alien planet

Zombotron games online Zombotron games online Space exploration for scientists and astronauts is always accompanied by trembling, hoping to find intelligent life. Opening the game Zombotron for free, you will find this life, but to call it a reasonable turn is unlikely.
You will become an explorer and colonizer of the planet Zombotron. Going back to the astronauts hoping to establish a productive life, and is not expected to encounter aggressive forms of life. Heavenly body inhabited by bloodthirsty zombies, robots aggressive, scary skeletons and insects. Well, they figured to grab an arsenal of weapons and now he is very useful. Shooting monsters and trimmed them to the lab, rescue techniques, explore dungeons and labyrinths.
You will pass many levels of the game Zombotron and selection modes: simple and normal. Beginners should choose a simple to unhurriedly explore the area and enjoy its harsh beauty. Experienced gamers prefer to act with determination, overcoming difficulties, so they no longer enjoy normal game mode.

long trip abroad

Kak the entire series, the game Zombotron Time Machine will be an excellent shooter with elements of quest and logical tasks for fans of the genre.

During the time spent in the game Zombotron for boys to be:

  • Rasstrelivat vragov
  • Zarabatyvat monety
  • Pokupat weapons and other predmety
  • Prohodit missii
  • Zachischat territorii

Shortage of devastation rpg and shooting will not, and all for the sake of achieving specific goals.
You are waiting for the dark maze with poisonous spiders. Bite it you can not, but their saliva is fatal, so it is necessary to destroy them along with the main enemies of – zombies. Skeletons do not seem too pleasant company, as well as other vermin inhabiting an alien planet. By focusing on the war, look at his feet, in order not to fall traps.

Roads unknown land


Zombotron games online

As the passing game Zombotron 1 increases complexity, and if at first you were just cracking a few awkward living dead, using only a pistol, the more the enemy army grows more difficult to kill them, and it's time to think about the purchase of new weapons. You had to pick up coins from dead enemies that have accumulated enough enough for a shotgun. Next you will need a machine gun, a grenade launcher and other serious weapons. Because your life is threatened, it will also need a first aid kit and body armor, and will not prevent resupply of ammunition and grenades.
It is worth to deal with all matters and decide to go, finally home, suddenly found that the ship failed. During the game Zombotron 2 move will help transport – is faster and more reliable. Threats also be added, and you will see a secret traps and explosive barrels. Buy firearms several knives –, they can come in handy. At full operational capability go in search of the ship parts to quickly get out of home. You 'll see them from afar, but to get to each item will have to deal with hordes of zombies, robots, monsters and skeletons.
Plot of the game Zombotron 3 continues the theme. Our astronaut destroyed the enemy army and obtained the necessary details of the ship, but that's bad luck – fuel is not left, and it can not start. Doing nothing would have to uncovering – Machine, and pave the way among the old and new monsters. there were green, and they are even worse among ordinary zombie. Here you will meet the last people – Man with his father, and care about their safety falls squarely on you.

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