Prince of Persia games

Prince of Persia games

Feats not much happens and online game Prince of Persia are the ones that are ready to open a free way for you to gain valuable experience in this field. You have only to play more and hone skills of possession saber, train the body during climbing walls and vines, jumping the gap between platforms, the ability to deftly evade enemy. Supervisory also be hurt, and will teach you to specify where to look for the pair to see images or non-conformity. But to paint black and white just nice, and you can even lose track of time, fascinated by the process.

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The legendary hero

Prince of Persia games Prince of Persia games The game Prince of Persia series resemble computer. First appeared in 1989 under the authorship of the first part of Jordan Mechner and the company Broderbund, opened the way for the next offensive. With a short break of a few years, gamers are given the opportunity to renew its dialogue with the brave prince, who relentlessly tries to save his beloved, snatched her from the clutches of the villain Vizier Jaffar, which feeds the passionate feelings for Princess – the daughter of the sultan. While he is at war, Jaffar took a moment and decided to take power into their own hands and kidnapped a girl, imprisoning her massive locks and put the condition – or she would be his wife or perish.

As in any fairy tale, along with fearsome bandits always a clean image of the hero, which is destined to resolve a difficult situation, to rescue his beloved, and other positive characters, while killing all the germs of evil. In his way are many obstacles, followed by chasing the army of the enemy, and he finds himself behind bars, because of which it is impossible to get out. Perhaps if the stimulus had not been, he quietly resigned to fate and crashed, but driven by love and a sense of justice, he shows the ingenuity and resourcefulness to leave the prison and overcome all difficulties. As a bright ray of light in his looming dream to reunite with a beautiful princess and touching. Knowing that she is in danger, a hero not keep locked none shackles and locks. But even be in the wild, it is threatened. Behind him the guard sent to find and disarm. If private life is not so important, it is understood that with the death of your death will come, and beyond that, what do you more than all, moves forward and makes the impossible.

Obstacles game Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia games Starting in the Prince of Persia to play, you will pass many adventures with the protagonist. He prepared for the important role, but the help does not hurt. When managed to leave dungeons, do not relax, because along the way there are portraits of Prince calling for his capture and promises substantial reward to anyone who will assist in his arrest.

Moving on the playing field, be very careful not to Narva on custody that occasionally gets in the way. Sometimes it is better to hide behind the rock and jump into the bushes than to be back in the clutches of the ruthless Jaffar. A different series of toys you will stay in different conditions, and even find yourself in the underground labyrinth. Your path lights a torch, but it is not enough light to illuminate the entire space in front and on the sides, which can wait for the danger. To avoid unpleasant surprises, collect images of fire, and they will take care of the lighting of the road. Now, when you look, carefully study the way forward, because all waiting ingenious traps. Should they fall as a hero will die without fulfilling its main mission. But it does not matter if it happened, because the level you can start all over again every time happens nuisance. Attempts have endless, and the time to perform the task has come to an end. Therefore, if you do not meet the deadline, it is also regarded as a loss.

Once in the country of bright colors, it is impossible to pass, not to enjoy them. And if you are a connoisseur of colorful images you like to collect puzzles, which depicted our prince and his mistress. Collect all the pieces of the mosaic and enjoy a happy couple that merged in a kiss, or preparing for a new leap for the next escape from the minions Jaffar.

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