Game Snail Bob 5 Love Story online

Game Snail Bob 5 Love Story

Game Snail Bob 5 Love Story online.

Now you will be available one more wonderful world in which you will learn firsthand about the life of small animals. We go into the mysterious world of snails. You've heard about the lovely traveler named Bob, who, contrary to all notions about snails, can not sit in one place for long. Our Bob to unconsciousness in love with the charming Chikkitu, which in these parts is the most beautiful and enviable bride. And so, while walking through the forest, threatening huge toad stole Chikkitu defenseless and imprisoned her in her underwater castle. Brave ulitenysh Bob saw this blasphemous act and decided that in whatever was to save the lady of his heart. All the obstacles, no matter how frightening and dangerous they were not crumble in the way of the glorious hero, whom moves a great love and a sense of justice! Help the brave snail punish the offender and return excellent Chikkitu back to his home to peace and happiness once again settled there!