Bowling games. Bowling online

Bowling games. Bowling online

Fans of the game Bowling long been accustomed to this fun and even teams are participants. They can be recognized by their adopted form and the slogans they chant after a successful throw. However, this is not available to everyone, because in the entertainment center you have to pay money to be allowed to ride on the track balls. But we have online fun in which you will play for free, and as much as you want. Do you want a realistic or fantastic direction? – We have everything that you do not get bored, have fun and enjoy the excitement.

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Bowling games. Bowling online

bowling game - a team game

and Western European countries have long been involved in their leisure time a game like bowling. It is played by whole families or a corporate team, come up with its own form, choose a leader and find in this public leisure special pleasure. On the territory of our country bowling recently won favor, but it has ceased to be a rarity, and it can easily be found in malls and cinema halls. This is a great method to spend time with the company and relax, escape after a busy day.   ,

The multi-faceted world of virtual bowling

Now you can knock down bowling ball not only in institutions but also to play bowling online in the appropriate computer products. With them, the competition becomes more accessible, because there is no need to collect the company and leave the house. Along with the classic version of bowling, the virtual world is ready to provide a number of interesting, absolutely fantastic versions. Then there is the idea of ​​Halloween, when a group of ghosts have to shoot down the pumpkin, throwing it on the track. Several religious motive can be seen in the idea that it is necessary to eliminate the Popes, and roll up a huge snowball, use it to shoot down objects in a winter version of bowling. Game developers have come up with many variations of toys and are not going to stop. To complicate his task, try to play bowling online under water or in conditions of weightlessness of space. As you know, this situation hinders the free movement of objects, rendering them influence – slows down and changes their trajectory chaotic. Play online Bowling in the permafrost or a hot desert, in remote jungle with the natives or on a landscaped site with professionals – it is always interesting. A bit like a bowling curling, where the stone on the ice surface is necessary to bring down all the chips in front.

Bowling games. Bowling online   Our players – cartoon characters and virtual country

A variety of characters who came from animation and other computer games, practiced in this new game. They seem to feel absolutely confident and fun are quite a pleasure.   The Pirates practice in throwing bombs, and The Flintstones rolled stone balls. Venture a few in the bar and shoot down the empty bottles on the bar


The second pillar or the aliens in the game based on the animated film « Toy Story ». It looks like a cute little green men are glad to such treatment and does not object to play along. Choose a managed character and smash the alien system that they are funny and jumped again become operational. By joining the Super Mario, you'll be able to set new records. Sponge Bob With kids get a real pleasure, learning simple rules Bowling games. Bowling online fun, with the participation of other underwater inhabitants. Tom and Jerry never sit still and show mastery of individual style of play. And even if these characters are not indifferent to such entertainment, the Santa Claus, too, will not remain on the sidelines. Meet the werewolves, ghosts, vampires, zombies, crabs, because they have come to get their share of good mood.

  How to control the games of bowling

All the games include version control a computer mouse or keyboard. Before you throw the ball to a certain place at the beginning track and adjust the thrust force. Ideally, all the pins to fall, but even for the pros, such results are not always available. Another hit – your score is, and the more the fallen pins, the more solid will be the expense. Should not rush. Better to linger, but so forth

A little history itselitsya better to fill up at one stroke all the pins.

  • Until the XIX century was only nine bowling pins, and then there was the tenth.
  • At the same time set the final rules adopted standards for tracks, pins and balls;
  • In the last century in the 30s Gottfried Schmidt came up with a machine that automatically returns the balls, and puts pins – pinsetter;
  • In the seventies, made possible the automatic scoring.
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