Doodle Jump games

Doodle Jump games

Free online game Doodle Jump offer to play with the little alien creature to walk on, and his incredible world. Surreal paintings throw dangerous obstacles and push the hero's exploits. He has to climb higher and higher to collect the bonuses and fight with many enemies. He boldly moving forward, guided by your strong hand and is confident of success. Soon you will support things: a trampoline, skipping rope, boots, spring, hat-helicopter. Using them at the right time for its intended purpose, you will cope with any obstacles and enemies, climbed to any height, and win all the games.

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Funny Grasshopper

Doodle Jump games Doodle Jump games For all fidgets and fans jump on the soul is able to do this without getting up from your favorite chair. This is a fun free game called Ninja Doodle Jump. These incredible online games have conquered the hearts of many gamers continue to gain confidence and commitment to the gaming audience. This is not surprising, because the game Doodle Jump Ninja online — it is interesting and entertaining story and many unusual features. Here you need to manage the little man named Dudler, whose mission — constantly jumping up and eventually climb as high as possible. On his way he meets many obstacles and enemies that prevent him from moving toward the goal.

Other possibilities jumping game Doodle Jump

for the detractors Dudlera — This monsters and monsters that can jump, jumping and flying. And the more the hero destroy these enemies, the higher it climbs, and consequently, the more points you pick. Manage Dudlerom can use the arrow keys on the keyboard and jumping he will perform on their own. To help him to jump high in the game are assumed platform, tiles and many other bonus items that he can use for his own purposes. These objects are many, and the major ones are.

  • Doodle Jump games Spring — the most common, it allows you to soar to incredible heights in a split second. But it can be dangerous, because if you do not calculate the altitude and their strength can not reach the next platform or face the enemy.  
  • Trampoline — It is approximately the same as that of the spring, but it allows to take off even higher.
  • Boots-skipping rope also allow to rise as high as possible, and very fast, but they are only designed for five jumps, and then they disappear.  
  • The hat-helicopter — a small headdress, allowing fly past all the platforms. This bonus is very useful in many emergency situations, because platforms are often dangerous. Here we need the agility and skill of the player.  
  • jetpack — It is the most successful and comfortable assistant for Dudlera, because he has a few chips: it flies higher and farther than a hat-helicopter and flight speed at him more. But this bonus is not possible to shoot and you have to be careful not to meet rapidly emerging monsters.  
  • The shield is a defensive shell, in which our hero can hide and protect against some enemies. This bonus does not protect from black holes, and UFOs, and he acts only ten seconds.  
  • Another object of – This missile, which occurs less often Dudleru. It has the highest speed and great range. Game Doodle Jump online – This gem of this kind of games, because Doodle Jump game dynamic, fun and very exciting.
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