Kick Buttowski games

Kick Buttowski games

Games Kick Butovo became the embodiment of youth and drive speed. Every kid wants to be like the main character, a real daredevil, and therefore likes to play online for free in the fun with his participation. Kick constantly experiencing a new form of transport, and it does not interfere with the growth of the small climb even on a powerful ATV. But brisk, nimble motorcycles and bicycles him like most – they give speed and agility, but also enables to perform insane stunts. Also at its disposal skate, and not to be injured in the fall, Kik does not remove the helmet and the rest of protective equipment than showing a positive example.

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The little daredevil

Kick Buttowski games Kick Buttowski games In 2010, on our screens, a new animated series about the boy Clarence Bukowski, whom everyone called Kik. He created his painter Sandro Corsaro and released in theaters cartoon studio Disney XD. As you can see, it's pretty young product, but it has already created the game Kick Butovo daredevil. This young man wants to be the best of all existing stunt, and so he did not stop at anything, always coming up with new tricks and tests them immediately, so it is called a daredevil. Many people think that Kiku 12-13 years, but the author says that he's only 10. Perhaps because of the ingenuity and resourcefulness, the hero seems older than it actually is, a, despite the fact that at school he does not possess the knowledge, his IQ is 112 points. He is cheerful, funny and mischievous, and therefore often gets into dangerous situations. His favorite form of transport with which he puts his incredible record – skate, but he will not give up to experience and other devices, as long as he developed a dizzying speed.

During the game Kick Butovo free to go through a lot of events, allowing to reveal the nature of this low and stocky lad who has not parted with the helmet and suit stunt. He did not see anyone without a headdress that generates various rumors. Some say that he is bald, while others suggest that it blond because once Kick created a team of friends, calling her « Blonde-Brigade ». In addition to friends, the hero has a brother and a younger sister: Brad and Brianna. Brad Kika older and they are not in the best of terms. Brother constantly calls Kika shrimp or other offensive nicknames and generally in the series he is the chief villain. Naturally, next to our hero can often see his best friend and co-ordinator of all the stunts – Magnus Gunther. To become part of a team of young riders, let's open the Kick Butovo games online for free and go with him to conquer the ring roads, competing with other residents of the city.

Kick Buttowski games They are all worthy contenders and not worth thinking that once our hero Daredevil, it will easily cope with the task. He has repeatedly need to prove that he is worthy of wearing this title. Ahead of winding road, the other parties-in well prepared and breathe down your neck, and some even took the lead. Press the gas pedal to the floor and come off them more – let them swallow the smoke and dust from under your wheels. And when the looping pass one track, you have to open a new, more intricate, complex and dangerous. But the difficulties Kiku no stranger, but because he just glad to new tests.

Unusual game Kick Butovo

And how you like the idea of ​​becoming an engineer, and to draw their own hero highway? Giving vent to imagination, in his way, you can arrange different designs and trampolines to slipping on a skateboard, Kik made the most incredible, dangerous, dizzying somersaults, jumps and turns. It is your responsibility to arrange for him hitherto unprecedented extreme, which he craves. But do not try and create a really cool track in the city is impossible, because our stunt decisively to conquer the mountain. That's where the real fun, adrenaline and drive! When he takes off on his board with regular peaks and soars into the air, affecting its center of gravity, helping to perform dangerous stunts. However, make sure that it is approaching the earth, he landed on the wheel and keep his balance. Several such somersaults during downhill, and now the finish, where a jubilant crowd meets brave hero with the orchestra and applause.

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