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Free online game Friends of the Angels, it is stories about angels. With him you will fly, and shoot arrows into the hearts of the future lovers. Accurate shot an arrow of Cupid and make come to life and tremble with love. So unite couples, but you get game points to your account. Sometimes angels frolic in the clouds, collect hearts, sweets, stars, which are also converted into points. Be sure to try to play the option to create the Earth. In fact it is a puzzle, but not quite familiar. The world seemed torn to shreds, and only divine power of the intelligence you gather it together. And when will cope, relax with a fitting dresses for angels.

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Be true friends of the angels

Angel's Friends games And again before us something new – Games Friends angels created by comic book in 2007 and the animated version of 2011. The idea of ​​the story belongs to Simon Ferry and filmed her comics Italian studio « Mondo TV ». This is another epic, where good and evil converge in the form of angels and demons. But there is a more insidious force – neutrals with their most dangerous representative Reina. In fact, the young devils and angels still learning his craft, honing it for us – people. They whisper to us the thoughts and forced to do certain things. Of course, we always have a choice and it depends on us, we listen to the angelic or demonic influence. However, let's not forget about the forces that allegedly did not carry initially good or evil, and represented oiled, gray routine. However, this is where lies a special danger to our consciousness, turning us into apathetic and indifferent creatures.

Games for girls friends angels designed to show us the boundaries of what is bad and what is good. Characters fun is an important condition for – not to fall in love and do not touch each other. But Rhine lies trapped in Limbo and to get out, she must bring together angel and demon Raf Sulfusa together, making them forget all inhibitions and fall in love. She created a spider crawls up to the heroes and bit infecting virus of love, and when they kissed, Reina left his place of imprisonment and now the world is threatened. Now dark and light forces have no choice, how to make friends and work together to prevent the apocalypse. To go through all the adventures that befell our heroes, will play Friends of Angels to play and help them to find common ground or to enter into another conflict. Do not forget that they are still very young, but because they tend to look for answers, make mistakes, learn to make friends and to forgive.

Help keep evil playing games Friends angels

Angel's Friends games Angel's Friends games Each character – this unique character that demands respect. Angels and their opponents – the demons have wings and can fly. Each of them is capable of eliciting vivid emotions and sometimes those who wear horns, also give rise to genuine sympathy. To look at him better acquainted with their way of life, as well as resist neutrals, we recommend Play Free Games Friends Angels. Reina does not seem to rest until they achieve their own and do not upset the delicate balance of power. She mixed the essence of good and evil that propels both sides and is now not far off the end of the world. To get back to the order, it is necessary to separate the different elements and distribute them evenly in the vessel to match each element to its power. In Action will help overcome all the little angel demonic offspring, shooting them with a bow. Nock stronger and direct the arrow just to the enemy. Such shots have to do more, until the enemy threw a stone in you. Hearts – it's your life and less of their stay, the less likely it is that this time the good prevail.

Games Friends angels dress up characters do almost the same as we do – people. A representative of Heaven and Hell wants to look cool, resorting to their familiar fashion. When Raf going on a date with Sulfisom, she wants to be particularly attractive. A Christmas angels for all the most important holiday, and because they are preparing for it with great care, choosing the best air outfits. Once you play cards, looking at them identical pairs of pictures. Puzzles are also presented in this series of toys and, of course, kisses – the same ones who were released from the main neutral Limbaugh.

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