The Adventure Time games

The Adventure Time games

Imagine that all changed around and awakened magic. The world around us looks very different animals, and people do not like themselves. It is in this world live Finn and Jake. What are they doing, and what adventures fall to their share, will tell you free online adventure game Time. You will see strange creatures get to visit many princesses, surprised ongoing metamorphosis. This is the most incredible adventure in which you've played. Many will have to run and jump, catch the objects and save those who need to collect the pieces of the puzzle and paint a black and white world around us.

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The Adventures of name!

The Adventure Time games For those who like to be surprised, shows curiosity for anything unusual, we offer adventure game Time created based on the animated series of 2010, which is intended for a children's audience. But as the practice shows, adult viewers find this product in a certain charisma and even more pleasure than their children, watching the new series. It is about two friends: pse magical boy Finn and Jake living on Earth Ooh. Once it was our world, but a thousand years ago there was a nuclear explosion, and every living thing that is not lost, so mutated that is now virtually impossible to determine what were once these creatures. Only Finn has been no change – he is the only man who has preserved for us a familiar look.

The story goes that his family found dogs – Jake's parents and raised as his son. Now they consider themselves brothers, and therefore inseparable, and all the adventures involved together, allowing you to play games with the adventure and Jake Phin studying bizarre post-apocalyptic world. Periodically panorama reveals:

  • The remains of the destroyed buildings,  
  • auto body,
  • Other objects of our civilization.  

But now science is dead, and in its place came the magic. In the first season the Finn appears twelve young men, but gradually grows a year in each season. Dressed almost always the same:

  • blue shorts and t-shirt,  
  • black boots,  
  • white socks and hat with ears, which he considers his own and closes them to step back from someone else's conversation.  

This hat he never takes off, but once it happened, and it turned out that under it in Finn grow golden hair, which had become very long. Finn decisively cuts them and begins to re-grow hair. When cold, the boy's wardrobe is complemented by yellow or pink sweater, which gave him the princess Bulgulm.

Various mission of adventure game Time

The Adventure Time games The Adventure Time games Generally different princesses here fully and constantly have our hero to save them, but as long ago a young man vowed that no one will refuse to help he gets from his mission, a real pleasure. For his work he uses a variety of devices that can fit in his green backpack. There's always useful or memorable thing, for example, my mother's music box. In the form of weapons in his first gold sword with wooden handle, then demonic.

We are even a little jealous of you because you will be the first time playing games Finn and Jake Adventure Time, getting acquainted with the characters again, even if they saw the show. Computer World is somewhat different from the cinema, because then you become full participants in the events and assume greater responsibility for the success of businesses and the lives of the characters. And now, when Finn and Jake opened snowy hunting, they are forced to flee, carrying in her arms Bimo. If not for him, they would be easily dealt with villains and overcome all obstacles to one, but their hands are tied, or rather they are connected periodically turns each character. The fact that they run along the precipice on opposite sides. One of the heroes at the hands of Bimo, but from the burden while running quickly tired, and because they are being moved it to each other. If a little miscalculate shall fall down, and using all three allotted him his life, you can say goodbye to her forever.

During another adventure game Time will have to play even more tense. Now you have to save the princess from the clutches of the Ice King. Get to it is not easy, but Jake figured out a way – Finn hit harder so that he flew to the edge of the forest.

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