We Bare Bears Games

We Bare Bears Games

If you were looking for a fun company with which to have a great time, pay attention to free online games The whole truth about bears. It's really interesting to play with them, because they are big inventors. In addition, the brothers are completely different from each other, because they came from different parts of the world. Brown, white, the third panda in general, but this does not prevent them from finding a common language. Together they go to the cinema, play sports games, strengthen the memory with cards, and sometimes fight off arrogant pigeons who decide to attack our friends. In each situation, the solution will be found by the one who can search.
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We Bare Bears Games: clumsy in the city

We Bare Bears Games We present you the game The whole truth about bears for free. You are lucky, because this column contains the most fascinating stories about the trinity of unusual brothers. Only in cartoons and computer games can it happen that relatives are completely different from each other. See for yourself, in front of you:

  • White polar bear has a silent, contemplative nature.
  • Grizzly Brown Grizzly likes to make some noise.
  • Panda bamboo bear with a good heart.

Once they decided to meet on neutral territory. Everyone left his usual habitat to fly to the city. Unbelievable opportunities opened before them, because they had not seen so much entertainment in their lives. If games The whole truth about bears is free to play, you will find out what interests them and help in difficult situations.

In the wake of the bear family

Well, there is where to turn, so get ready to have fun from the heart.

  • Amusements on agility
  • On speed
  • Puzzles
  • Sport
  • To memory
  • At attention

Once the brothers learned that people like to go to the cinema, and also decided to join the culture. They bought tickets without any problems, and even easily found their hall and places in it. Sitting down, they grandly began to wait for the beginning of the session, anticipating the pleasure of a popular film. But what was their surprise when around the rustling began as soon as the lights went out. It turned out that people around began to rustle candy wrappers from candy, slurp popcorn, loudly squeezed them with drinks. Some even decided to talk on the phone, creating an unpleasant noise background.

We Bare Bears Games Bears could not tolerate such behavior, and decided to call people to order. Hearing another rustling, they immediately rushed there and booed at the man. But at this moment a similar noise was heard from the other end of the hall. The situation is complicated by the fact that it is too dark, and the bears do not always have time to notice the troublemaker, so you should help them by pointing to them. We Bare Bears Games

We continue to study the game The whole truth about bears online, and see that the characters are faced with the biggest urban problem pigeons. Some call them the birds of the world, others flying rats, but in our case they are real bombers. For some reason, they turned against the bears, and do not allow them to go on their own way, throwing projectiles that mark all the monuments in the parks. To fight them off, the bears decided to blind them with a flash of a mobile phone. But the aggressors still manage to spoil the heroes, and in order not to plunge into it, you will have to jump in time over the projectile spreading on the sidewalk.

At another time, the game The whole truth about bears is to be played online on the basketball court. Try to score more balls in the basket in order to beat the opponent. You must quickly move around the court, not allowing you to take the ball away from you, otherwise you will lose points. When time runs out, the total will show who became the winner. The keyboard is useful for this game:

  • Arrows are moving
  • We select and pass the ball with a letter X
  • Put the block and throw the ball into the basket with the letter Z

Next online games The whole truth about bears will show what addictions our friends feed on. One decided to take a picture of the city, but like any modern photographer, he likes to additionally process shots, bringing something of his own. You have to create a beautiful collage, but for a certain time. Another bear must repeat the drawn characters, and the third to eat more foods. But this is not all that the rubric offers you. There are still many games with unique bears, and you will definitely find the perfect options for yourself.

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