Spinner games

Spinner games

Lovers of something all the time to turn in their hands for a long time know about such fun as spinner. Now they can play for free online spinner games virtually. This is a great entertainment that does not require special talents and skills. Simply unwind the blades and collect coins to exchange them for useful improvements. With their help, you will increase the maximum allowable revolutions of the blades, lubricate them with a lubricant for easy rotation and can change the appearance. Among other game options, there are those where you have to shoot with colorful balls of the Zuma type or remove the same chains of balls on the field.
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Spinner games: Fun and interactive

If physical spinning toys have been known for a long time, and there are more and more lovers of turning them in their hands, the virtual version was born relatively recently. At the same time, it should be noted, spinner online games offer more opportunities for gambling people.

The classic version looks like three blades, resembling a propeller, mounted centrally on a movable tripod. If you spin it with force, it will turn on the available number of revolutions.

Simple game rules

Everyone can learn to play spinner games, and very quickly. There is nothing in it that would stump or make you spend too much time studying the rules. The only thing you need to turn the "propeller" to the maximum available number of revolutions.

  • Using the mouse (in rare cases, arrows), rotate the spinner to the right or left. In some game variants, this can be changed with a special button.
  • Earn coins.
  • Spend your earned balance on improvements.

Spinner games online Since there are several versions of fun, each can have its own improvements. Among them is the ability to raise the number of revolutions by several points. If the initial rotation reached 10 units in the scale, then by typing enough coins and buying a raise, you can already spin the blades up to 12, 20 and higher. And if it is difficult to make a movement that will allow you to unscrew the maximum, an oiler is provided. If there are enough coins, why not spend it on such a useful function as a light slip? Spinner games online

C accumulate points-coins more and more difficult with each level. For the next pumping they need more. If at first it was enough 20-50 coins, later already 100-150, and the farther, the more. You can also change the appearance of the propeller simply by clicking on the appropriate button. It does not do any good, it just gives you visual pleasure. But what really matters is the fact that spinner games offer for free to those who want to discover new entertainment.

It is impossible to say that a toy develops something. It is provided more for fun, but is this not enough? It is impossible to direct each step only to self-improvement. Sometimes you just want to relax, relax, not thinking about anything and not straining.

Variants of spinner games

Spinner games online Since any topic suggests options for its implementation, free spinner games are also ready to offer several. Alone with the accumulation of coins provide additional improvements. Others can only remotely resemble the original game.

For example, if the option with balls that you need to shoot a cannon. The balls have different shades, and the blades consisting of the same balls rotate on the axis in the center of the screen. They should be removed with a projectile shot, which should be attached to a group of similar colors with it. If the group you need is too far away and is not available for a direct shot, use the bounce. This means that you can shoot at the opposite wall at a certain angle, and the ball will bounce off of it, attaching to its group.

Now more online spinner games can be a field with multi-colored bubbles, and like "three in a row" they need to be moved, trying to create identical chains. So points are gained and improvements are earned.

Any chosen fun will bring only joy. If you have long dreamed of such a toy, do it so that it is always at hand. And if you share the find with friends, you can organize competitions who will quickly reach the highest level of passage.

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