Strikeforce Kitty games

Strikeforce Kitty games

Online games kittens shock troops prepared you an amazing adventure events and play for free with little whiskered young soldiers like gamers. This is a continuation of the story in which four assorted characters went on the orders of a cat - King to rescue the princess - cute cats. A small army is determined, but is devoid of equipment initially. Will find it in the trunks that open keys collected on the road along with fish and milk, which aided the characters along the way. Their enemies are the red fox from the army of the enemy.
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Games shock troops rescue kittens

Strikeforce Kitty games When there is something terrible, to help name the hero or the whole team. From their faces, or rather – cute mordashek offer games kittens shock troops to play online.

– The trouble occurred suddenly in a stone castle, king cat entered predatory foxes, and stole a single young daughter. The princess was so shocked that she did not dare to resist, and thieves can easily escaped with their booty.

As a father, a cat strongly lamented what had happened to his only child, as well as the king of – was seriously angry with the guard that she looked enemies, breaking into his castle and quietly left unopposed. But sanity wise parents and leaders to prevail over emotions, and that the king chooses from the army four of the best fighters.

received the order not to return to the castle without the princess, kittens are serious and are ready to repel any enemy. They know only the enemy omen – belonging to the family of foxes. Who would doubt that the tragedy are the cunning thieves. But now they have gone too far, and the formidable army of the king comes in their wake. For the mission to be successful, it is necessary to know the magic buttons. During the game, the shock troops of kittens with cheats, you can get additional features.

  • J – cat allows you to enable infinite lives, but only if the kittens prokachany and have at least 2 lives;
  • K endless stamina –;
  • L – update adds points.

Brave fluffy detachment

   All games of the shock troops of kittens you can play for free on our portal. Meet the heroes of different suits that are of the most beautiful babies turn into motivated soldiers. They lined up the chain, and we are ready for any test. Support their strengths and jelly fish, found in the way. Track how many kittens of energy, watching the energy scale.

To find out which way did kittens, look at the top of the scale, and know you first road on its middle or nearing the finish line. And if you are tired and want to temporarily take a break from the passage, just click on pause, and you can go on business.

Strikeforce Kitty games Strikeforce Kitty games

you will come across during the game Keys shock troops kittens, and they also need to collect to open chests with clothes and weapons, which in the beginning with no characters. But then you will gradually start to get everything you need, and every detail is important.

Poka your party is too weak, do not get involved in a fight with a fox and jump over dangerous areas: spikes, cliffs, pits, traps, rocks, warning signs. Since the control is reduced to two - arrows buttons (up and down), the process is not tedious, and can promptly react to the approach of danger.

Mark on the search for a princess!

Game shock troops kittens 1 launches a remarkable story. Go hiking on the princess rescue, cats are ready for everything – fight enemies and overcome danger, but tire quickly, if not to reinforce their fish and milk. If you get tired of heroes, they simply will fall, and will have a rest, and in the meantime the King's daughter – suffer in captivity.
– Continued strike force game Kittens 2 shows that the cunning fox is still not calmed down, and cats are going on the road again to capture their castle. Suck them, charge, and pass the mission.
Realizing that with cats to be trifled with, Fox teamed up with raccoons, and the game shock troops kittens 3 takes us to the battle, in which the brave cats protect the walls of his castle. The forces were unequal, and the cat's squad lost the game but the shock troops of kittens 4 gives them a chance to win. Bleed them so, that the enemy was gone.

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