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Game Feed The Panda

Feed The Panda

Everyone knows that pandas are very fond of bamboo, and in the game Feed The Panda there are very unusual representatives of these bears, and they are very fond of candy. That's just bad luck, because the lollipops hang on ropes right under the ceiling and getting them for the panda herself is an impossible task. In order to help her, you need to cut the ropes and then she will get a treat. At the first levels, it's pretty easy, but further on, the number of sweets will increase, as will the ropes on which they are suspended. Because of this, it is much more difficult to calculate the flight path after the lollipop is released, and you need to hit the panda right in the mouth. You will have to use your brains and be quite nimble, but with due effort, victory in Feed The Panda will be yours.
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