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Not find a single person who once did not try to play Tetris. This puzzle has conquered many of excitement that you feel, exposing parts. This game could be endless and continue until you have enough for how to clean the ranks of thinking. Of course, playing Tetris could both children and adults. In children, only faster rate ended losing, but their parents could still compete for high scores. Over the years, progress does not stand still, and even Tetris remained as popular, he's got a lot of brothers and sisters, that is, within the meaning of games similar to it, but still there are some differences. Just as TenTrix game that came originally from Tetris. Only on the field we will see the already bright beautiful three-dimensional detail. In this puzzle is one problem, which in Tetris you can not see. Details are not rotated, that is, to change their position, we can not. It can be very difficult to solve the problem, because it is in such a state our part there is no place to put. Another difference from the classic game Tentriks Tetris is filled with rows that disappear vertically rather than horizontally. Those who are used to playing a standard game of Tetris, will be quite difficult to get used to a different building parts on the field. But there is a plus, the new series does not just happen. On the field, you can see only those details that are given to us. And still in the game Tantriks player is given several figures, and they can be seen at the bottom of the screen, below the board. Choose any item and drag it to the field. Just remember that detail engulf the field, there will be. They either do not fall down in any direction, and stand still in the middle of the field. Even for a simple statement of the figures you'll get a few points, but we should not be content with little. After all, you try, and cleaned every number you get in a few times more. After compare 5 points or 13 - the difference is palpable for the one who wants to put the record or break an existing one. Tentriks game will end at the moment when the item has nowhere else to put on the field, and you will see a corresponding inscription. Earned points are shown at the top of the screen, and the next you'll see the number of points to which you should strive. Even if there is already your personal record, there is no limit to perfection, and you can try to make it inaccessible to others, gaining even more points.
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