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Game Candy Rain 4

Candy Rain 4

Sweets like everything, especially the kids, because adults limit their access to sweets and chocolates, but our little heroine was very lucky - she was in a magical land, where occasionally there is a candy rain, so that you're in it, you go in the game Candy Rain 4. Unusual rainfall do not just fall out, they need to organize and you will help provide access to baby colorful delicious delicacies. Interchanges the color elements on the field to build a series of horizontal or vertical lines of three or more identical candies. Use the appearance of auxiliary bonuses, with their help it is possible to collect a lot of sweet things at once, but the bonus must be placed in a row, so he began to act. To start the fragrant rain, start a chain of bonus. To level the game Candy Rain 4 completed successfully fill the scale, which is in the lower left corner. As you go to the right pane to open additional mechanisms to facilitate solving the puzzle. You will be able to make the replacement of elements and other manipulations, if a situation arises when the moves will not be simple. Sweet country generously share with you their wealth, if you show ingenuity, agility and attentiveness. Do not miss the opportunity to stock up on tons of sweets, you can share with your friends and feed everyone. Game Candy Rain 4 - colorful and fun, like it, and girls and boys, adults and kiddies. Each new level presents you the next task, not like the previous one. The difficulty level increases gradually, and the addition of bonuses, additional features makes the game fascinating. Play on any device, the game does not lose its beauty and attractiveness, and you will be able to enjoy it even away from home.

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