Game Gold Rush: Treasure hunt online

Game Gold Rush: Treasure hunt

Gold Rush: Treasure hunt

The game Gold rush treasure hunt we will try to infect you gold fever, the main cure for that - finding the treasures. Imagine chest full brim with gold and jewels, and all this will be available to you, you should start playing. We found a rich virtual field, which is an unprecedented number of minerals, but to get to them, will have to turn over a bunch of rocks, consisting of different types of stones: precious and semi-precious. Do not let them fill the space, remove groups of three or more identical elements arranged side by side. Gradually appear special bonuses that will accelerate your progress deeper into the mine, will you find in it not only the gems, but also the whole trunks, even though the keys have to produce separately. Among the rocks you find cheap large nuggets, but to pick them up, you need to collect at least three together. The fact that you do not have in the Gold rush treasure hunt run and overcome obstacles, and to work diligently in the mine, but that does not mean that you will be bored, constantly adding new color elements would keep you in good shape for a long time. Do not relax, the game you will not allow it, and so it will be difficult to break away from it. Operate the mouse or poke with your finger, if you're playing on a device with a touch screen. By the way, the game Gold rush treasure hunt is remarkable that is available for playback on any device: mobile and stationary. Play it when and where you feel comfortable, not paying attention to the environment, you will be jealous, because the treasure will be yours, and it is not discussed.
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