Game Baby Ice Cream Store online

Game Baby Ice Cream Store

Baby Ice Cream Store

While all children play a variety of games, our heroine of the game Baby Ice Cream Store decided to start making money, and discovered that his own stall with ice cream. And it is immediately appreciated visitors, becoming a look at this place very often, hoping to get a delicious dessert as soon as possible and exactly the same as in the order. But our little bit underestimated his strength and is alone can not cope with the influx of visitors. And of course, you have to come to her aid and help in the early stages in the store for the sale of ice cream. To do this in the game The baby in a store of ice cream you have to stand behind the counter and prepare for what visitors will go a continuous stream, each time requiring a delicious ice cream cone with a selected and some fruit. Try to deal with every order as quickly as possible, because all visitors somewhere in a hurry and can get away without waiting, if you're going to act slowly in the game Baby Ice Cream Store. To date ended successfully, you need to serve a certain number of customers in the allotted time. If you succeed, you'll be able to go to work, and the next day, just be prepared for the fact that you make every day have more and more. We'll have to spend a lot of time for the sale of ice cream, while our little girl will not be pleased with the results.
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