Game Sailor Pop online

Game Sailor Pop

Game Sailor Pop online.

Pirate frigate hit a reef during a storm, the ship shattered into splinters, one could escape the pirate, he is already several days drifting on a makeshift raft from the ship's planks, and no hope of rescue. But suddenly he heard the poor man leaping laughter, at first he thought it was a hallucination, but was soon out of the water seemed pretty girl mermaid. It turns out that the pirate was lucky, he was in the midst of night-school students, which made a colorful fish and mermaid their bosses. Mermaid took pity on the victims of evil, and decided to help him, if you play with her fish in the game Sailor Pop. They will put you to different tasks on the levels and you have to solve them in a limited period of time. Remove from the field for two or more of the same fish, pick up from the seabed heavy chests with gold. To complete the level, use the colored gems, unlock various support tools are in the right vertical panel. All the treasures of the Blue Lagoon will go to the pirate, who was left without a ship. But it will happen, if you will pass all levels of smartly, be smart and use logic. Sailor Pop colorful game like players of all ages and gender, it will capture your attention here to stay, so be careful if you play on a mobile device and are away from home. To control, use your mouse or your finger, if the touch screen. Immerse yourself in the colorful underwater world, it is rich with mysteries and treasures, as well as cute inhabitants.