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Game Monkey Bubbles

Monkey Bubbles

In the jungle, the impossible happened incident, which could have disastrous consequences in Monkey Bubbles. The strange cloud sky appeared, ran into the forest and devastated all the fruit trees. All fruits were captured transparent water bubbles and threatened to fly away in an unknown direction, leaving the inhabitants of the forest without food, dooming on starvation. A small but clever little monkey did not think twice to solve the problem, she picked up her cart with fruits that gather up to the disaster and launched them in bubbles. Brought together three or more identical banana, oranges, pears, grapes or apples free from a transparent shell and fell to the ground. It turned out that to deal with bubbles thieves in the game Monkey Bubbles is quite possible, if you help the monkey. Throw fruits correctly, choosing the most vulnerable places, remember that the limited number of shells in a basket of ripe, so surely beat, trying to spend a minimum of shots to be enough for the whole cloud. The game Monkey Bubbles eighty-one level, you have enough time to have fun, the game is so fascinating that it is impossible to break away.
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