Game Shimmer and Shine Dress up online

Game Shimmer and Shine Dress up

Game Shimmer and Shine Dress up online.

Meet the cute little girls of Shimmer and Shain. They live in a magical country. Zaramay Falls, where Princess Samira rules. She strictly monitors the little disciples with gins, but the girlfriend's inattention Shine and Shimmer often break the rules. To get into the world of people, gins should be in a lamp, babies did so. Being transferred to our world, the little girls got acquainted with the girl Leah and should perform three of her desires every day. Due to inexperience, the girls are completely confused and often the stupid wishes had to be corrected, but this is a completely different story, and you have a different problem in Shimmer and Shine Dress up. Little gin girls love shine and beauty, Shimmer adores everything brilliant, collects bottles of gins, they are incredibly beautiful. Shain, unlike her friend, is indifferent to brilliance, but loves animals. Leah, their current mistress wanted her gins to change outfits and hairstyles, and there is no one else to help them. Males fulfill other people's desires, but do not act upon their spells. Get down to business in Shimmer and Shine Dress up and make the girls irresistible, bright and do not forget about their pets that are always there.