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Game Helix Jump Color

Helix Jump Color

In order for you to be able to complete all levels of the Helix Jump Color game, you need to have good attentiveness and reaction speed. These options will help you quickly make decisions and help your character. It will be at the top of the tower-shaped structure. It consists of a column around which a kind of staircase runs in a spiral. It consists of tiles that are located at a certain distance from each other and are painted in a rather bright color, but it will change after each new jump. You will have to turn the tower with the mouse so that your ball can fall into the gaps. This is exactly how the descent will be made, but be careful, because soon something will appear that can stop it. Pay attention to those areas that do not change color along with the other sectors, but remain white. They are made of a special material that can destroy your ball and you will lose the level. They can appear anywhere, and with each level their number will steadily increase, which will significantly complicate your task. In addition, you should not let your character fall into free fall, because in this way he can destroy the platform, and under it there may be a white trap in the game Helix Jump Color.
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