Game Mahjong Dimension online

Game Mahjong Dimension

Mahjong Dimension

You failed to restore the balance of the Earth and the dark forces of evil still roam the planet. There remains the last way of Mahjong Dimensions Online, which will help heal your habitat and it will be a white cube that emits ions of light power into the atmosphere. However, in order to receive rays of pure energy and direct it in the right direction, it is necessary to disassemble a large cube into its component parts. Try to remove pairs of identical items that are on the same plane or those that are not blocked. With each removed cube, the energy force of the Earth will greatly increase. The time allotted for the rescue operation is limited, so try to go through all the steps as quickly as possible. Please note that the game Mahjong Dimensions play is in 3D, which means that you will need twice as much attentiveness and will need to use your spatial imagination. Play, win, so that the light resumes in this world.
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