Game High Heels 2 online

Game High Heels 2

Game High Heels 2 online.

Are you ready to run on a high-altitude track in heels, then enter the game High Heels 2. Your heroine is already at the start and is just waiting for your command. To overcome the obstacle, use the assembled heels, spread your legs to walk along special beams and use the pole to slide where there is no road. Collect coins to visit the store, which is a real shopping paradise. Gorgeous belts with shiny buckles, buckles and even wings, and the set with heels is just amazing. They are very different in shape, size, color, models, eyes run up and money is always in short supply. But this is just fixable, just go through the levels and do not forget to collect heels to walk on the catwalk like the queen of parkour.