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Gaul - Roman headache, Julius Caesar leaves no attempts to conquer a small country, inhabited by stubborn Gauls. Periodically, he managed to grab a couple and hone in prison, but the prisoner and always manages to escape. The Epic Gaul game you will help to escape Asterix. He was captured by nonsense, walking outside the gate for foreign territory, the Roman soldiers attacked and seized the poor man. He was brought to Caesar himself, and he was ordered to put gall in jail, and then to feed the hungry lions. Friends have left Asterix is in trouble, they have managed to pass the hostage potion brewed by the druid Getafix and iron grill shattered to pieces under the pressure of the prisoner. But this is only half the battle, the main thing - to escape from an underground prison, where every inch of standing on guard. Help the brave and desperate hero 's Epic Gaul race around the game a long underground corridors, avoiding the guards. If on the way will fall the bottle with the potion, do not miss it, then any soldier of the Roman army are not afraid of the little Gaul. In addition to safety, the dungeon stuffed with traps, even more horrible than the men. You need to immediately react to the appearance of obstacles in time to navigate and jump up and down, where the road is free. Escape to Epic Gaul should be able to play, or become a prisoner no longer keep locked up, and immediately sent to be eaten by predators. Try to hold out and run a maximum distance, your every record is locked, if it is larger than the previous. Play on iPhone, IPADS, Windows Phone and Android devices on. Rate mobility game, now you do not hold back the walls and bulky Soup, play even in the room, even in the street, sitting on a bench in the park. Enjoy a fun and dynamic game, it will not let you get bored, and your reaction markedly improved after the rescue of the poor Gaul.
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