Game Funny Buffalo Rescue online

Game Funny Buffalo Rescue

Funny Buffalo Rescue

Every day, the owner took the bull out into the meadow in the morning so that it would eat grass and gain weight. In the evening he came and took the bull home, but one day he did not find the animal in its usual place. The chain was broken, and there was no trace of the bull. There was a forest nearby and the farmer decided that the bull had run away there. He asks you to look for the bull, but he himself does not want to go into the forest. You are not the shy type, so feel free to go to Funny Buffalo Rescue to explore the forest and you will be surprised because you will find several abandoned buildings there. It is unlikely that the bull is in one of them, because the doors are locked. But you will have to explore them, this is necessary to solve the overall problem in Funny Buffalo Rescue.
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