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Slugterra games

Shane Elle – a brave young man, saddled horse and rushed forward with his sword unsheathed, to compete in a fair battle with the enemy and defeat him. Racing at full speed, he has to collect coins and other artifacts that will bring him new opportunities and recharge robopsa, allowing him to continue to jump as briskly. To play for free and win at online games Slagterra, you will manage the arrow keys, reacting quickly to changing geography. Tall spiers of rock shares the deep failures, and if it does not jump, the rider will fall down. And sometimes it's better to slow down and to prilovchilis to the next jump.

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History Slagterra

Slugterra games The Canadian TV series « Slagterra » It came out in 2012. He was shot in the genre of fantastic-action comedy and reminds « Pokemon ». Slagterra – It is located directly at the Earth's core underworld closed from outsiders. Only selected managed to look at him, and turned out to be among such Eli Shane – our hero.

At the time, his father was known as a brave, outstanding defender and a warrior, do not expose the underworld. But one day he disappeared without a trace after an unequal duel with Dr. Black, but his friend, Burpee, survived. Eli was destined to pass his father's footsteps, becoming a new quarterback Slagterra, but first he must find a way to come down.

Slugterra games Many viewers of the series were delighted with the view, noting similarities with the Japanese comics and anime. It contains human emotions, mixed with the elements of action and fantasy, especially like the fans of this genre. Ely is surrounded by friends and helpers, and you will see:

  • The blue and brutal troll;  
  • cute girlfriend of our hero;
  • little magic assistants servants
  • pink mole Pronto, who constantly amused spectator and a pleasure to watch him.  

The fantastic battles in the game world Slagterra

The game Slagterra play no less exciting, and we recommend that you immediately go to the development of new territories together with Shane. You are waiting for a fantastic duel, incredible race and confrontation with the powerful and dangerous Black. In battles characters use weapons, shoot creatures resembling slugs, but when they fly out of the blaster, then undergo transformation and acquire the ability to throw away the cobwebs, freeze, and another blow.

Games Slagterra online and offer you to participate in this incredible battles, using a fantastic effect of ammunition. Inhabitants Slagterra not miss an opportunity to catch these slugs – slug, then to apply them during the competition, proving the superiority of private. One of them was the father of Shane, demonstrating incredible skills in the art of control slugs, though he was not the indigenous inhabitants of this world. But once he was unlucky – Black, spending on slug dangerous experiments gave some madness. During the fight, the father fell into a devastating whirlwind, and died, and before it had time to send a final message to his son with a fire slugs.

The further the game – the more opportunities

Slugterra games In order not to allow the doctor to get the upper hand, Eli is forced to resort to a trick, without disclosing where he came in Slagterra. Alone it to do so would be not under force, and he finds allies, improves blaster with slug and launching a campaign to expose the insidious Black. In addition to his father's slug, our hero has own and « cartridges », among which are also endowed with healing power, which effectively returns the mutated slug doctor to normal. Playing free games Slagterra, you have to cultivate, gather strength in order to examine the weak points of the enemy and inflict on them a sure hit. Racing duel hero and serve as a useful pastime, helping to increase personal characteristics, improve the combat qualities, accuracy and skill, ingenuity and courage.

During the game you will unlock Slagterra free opportunity to visit various debacles, to take part in an incredible adventure story, solve a lot of their own and other people's problems. Soon you will face Shane become worthy of the glory of his father and will be able to show real courage, the ability to take responsibility. Even the inhabitants of the wild jungle with their natural hazards do not seem insurmountable to you, because you can jump over the pit and destroy the enemy.

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