Green Lantern games

Green Lantern games

will get the magic power can be different, so why not this way, as the hero of the game online Green Lantern. It should start playing free plots of this column, you will also feel the strength to make incredible. Green Lantern becoming different characters, and this team will certainly find a place for you. First, come up with a suit appropriate, collecting it in detail of the range, then clean the image of superfluous elements, if necessary, collect puzzle, and now it's time to practice combat skills. Protect the planet from aliens and destroy enemies of the earth.

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History « Green Lantern Corps »

Green Lantern games Green Lantern games Green Lantern – it is not a super hero, but the whole team rallied into the union « Green Lantern Corps ». They are designed to protect the universe of DC Universe, and their base is located on the planet Oa. Comics about the organization appeared in the forties of the last century, and their chronology housing has been three million years. For such a long time has been marked by the reorganization of the composition, there are internal and external conflicts, which were successfully overcome. Now in case there are 7,200 participants who call themselves Green Lantern, which are distributed in the 3600 sector. Each participant has a ring of power, charges from the light and gives its wearer the limitless possibilities that are limited only by his own imagination.

The story described in the comics, occasionally gaining momentum in popularity to fade again. It can be conditionally divided into Gold, Silver and Bronze Age, dating from different years. In each period, he appeared a hero who became a new popular Green Lantern. Lantern in the hands of a young engineer, Alan Scott in 1940, which only survived in a railway accident. Green flames awarded him the Ring of Power, and along with limitless possibilities. From that moment, Scott became a fighter against injustice and crime, a super hero and one of those who founded the Justice Society of America. Later it turned out that he is not the first Earthman, who became Green Lantern – it was the forerunner of the Chinese name Yalan Gur. These events are golden age and silver belongs to Hal Jordan – test pilot from the company « Ferris Aircraft ».

He became the second popular Green Lantern power ring received from Abin Sur – dying Green Lantern, crashed on Earth. Before his death, he took the ring of Abin search for a worthy candidate for his post. Replace it had to man crystal honesty and courage. Taking responsibility, Hal Jordan, together with other Green Lanterns, John Steward, in the 2000s, became the founder of the American League of Justice.

The evil game of fate

Green Lantern games However, the fate he was destined to become the bane of the Green Lantern, threatening absorbing yellow, dangerous for all lanterns. When the hometown Hal – Coast City was destroyed, he went mad and turned into Parallax. In this guise of doing evil for many years and even destroyed the Central Bater Force planet Oa. But when Eater Suns decided to destroy the Earth, Hal sacrifices himself for the sake of her salvation, and then reborn as a spirit of redemption – Spectrum. He eventually returned to the state of Green Lantern, but the fear of yellow light still haunts the Green Lantern.

However, initially to replace the dying Abin Sur was Guy Gardner, Hal but was closer, dropping his candidacy by the wayside. When Guy began his career as a Lantern battery literally exploded in his face, plunging him into a coma. Already, as a Green Lantern, he learns of the death of a friend, and then into a rage and turns into a red light district, fueled aggression.

While Gai was in a coma for Hal picked up a reserve Green Lantern – African-American architect John Stewart. When Jordan was absent for some time, he replaced him as the main lantern.

it is impossible to enumerate all the characters, because they are in the history of comics was too much. But playing the game Green Lantern, you will learn the basic and most popular super heroes in this role.

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