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Futurama games

that not expecting, Fry ran ahead, having moved there with the help of cryogenic plant. Here he met his distant cousin, and meet new friends. Before you open up unimaginable adventure games Futurama, and only a clear fulfillment of the conditions will allow you to successfully adapt to the new reality. You will play for free in the rpg, shooters and logical toys. The robot Bender is not simple, and yet no one sees it, loves posbivat target, and this is not always the empty bottles. And having passed the test, you see how well remember the plot of the animated series.

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The fascinating world of the future

Futurama games Animated Series « Futurama » the author of the same founders as the « The Simpsons ». It felt the same satirical humor, highlights the shortcomings of society, but because everything happens in the XXXI century, it is perceived more calmly, without resentment. The product is made in the genre of science fiction, and the events revolve around seven main characters.

According to the plot of the series, Philip J. Fry lives in New York City in 2000 and works as a courier. But one day, an incredible case – he accidentally frozen in a cryogenic installation exactly 00:00:00 (hours, minutes and seconds) of the first of January. And when he woke up from the cold sleep it was 2999 on December 31 and he still remained in the city. In the dream, he spent nearly a thousand years, were missing one day.

His familiarity with the new life began with a meeting with the mutant – Turanga Leela girl. It deals with the fact that determine the professional inclinations of man and implanting it under the skin of the chip with this information. It always makes a person a prisoner of a certain profession, how he did not belong to her. It turned out that Fry is ideally suited to work courier, but because he can not tolerate these activities, then runs off to meet with the new New York close. Here he met with Bender, and when there is a new meeting with Leela, she had to quit his job and is now a part of the team to find a single relative Fry, which they calculated on the DNA. This cousin is many times great-great-great grandnephew Hyubart Farnsworth. At this point it 160 years old, and although he is a brilliant scientist, yet large sklerotik. He has a small organization – « Interplanetary Express », which helps maintain their professor questionable financial invention. To help Fry and his friends, he hires them couriers.

  unusual game Futurama

Futurama games Futurama games Since the action takes place far in the future, it is not surprising that space flights became natural for both of us a trip to the tram. The series began filming in 1999, and created a lot of seasons and series in which the authors discuss the different situations, the characters are confronted with each other, put them in the difficult conditions, making finding the path to salvation. Computer games Futurama sometimes resemble the scenario of some events, but often distinctive products that you have to re-learn the characters and their adventures and life to participate. In the quests you are encouraged to find a way out of the room by using various objects and engaging in dialogue with the characters. We can not say that the graphics are different, and high potential for innovation. But he and the original – Animation product uses advanced graphics, and the sympathy of the audience argued that it does not reduce the interest in him. This can be called even a twist, the hallmark of the cartoon, as well as online games Futurama.

This is interesting

deserved popularity of the series and spurred the creation of the story of his comics – the magazine began to be published in 2000. If you're wondering where the name appeared in general « Futurama », it was the name of an exhibition organized in 1939 by General Motors, which presented ideas should look like the New York of the future. There are some other fun facts. For example, the characters that you see in the first episode, mean: Tasty Human Burgers, which in – Delicious burgers human and Turanga Leela name translates as « love song ». If you are fans of the series, you will like Futurama games to play, because they are designed in the spirit of science fiction, and so incredible is happening!

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