Jake and the Never Land Pirates games

Jake and the Never Land Pirates games

All hands aboard! Since I decided to play the free online game Jake and the Never Land Pirates, it's time to go for treasure. But treasure hunters get enough except you. The main enemy of Peter Pan – Captain Hook now opposes Jake. But our hero, even with a wooden sword is quite cope with the onslaught of the enemy and his team, because he has aides. Meet The assistant Jake – Izzy, which has a magic dust, as well as young members of the team Cubby – custodian cards and Scully parrot that keeps the team out of trouble by warning of the danger. Together they bravely oppose Hook and his subordinates.

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Jake and the Never Land Pirates games Jake and the Never Land Pirates games Many of you know or at least heard of the story of Peter Pan – the boy who would not grow up. At a young age he ran away from home and got acquainted with the fairies. He lived in Netlandii with the same kids, like himself, loved to communicate with fairies and who had an evil enemy in the person of Captain Hook. On motives of the story the film company Walt Disney winter of 2011 produced animated series for children, which was called Jake and the Never Land Pirates. In it the company of young pirates, led by Jake travels in search of treasure and adventure in search of. They hinder our ability Captain Hook, his loyal assistant Mr. Smee and crocodile nicknamed Tick-Tock. In each episode Hook with his accomplices kidnapped a variety of items from the team of desperate pirates. The task becomes Jack return the stolen goods back to their use and continue the search for cherished treasures of the island Netlandiya.

Not all pirates are evil and insidious

Each of the characters of the animated series very well worked team of experts and can absolutely appeal to every child and adult.

  • Jake – the main character of the animated series, and the team captain of pirates looking for treasure. According to legend, he is the successor of Peter Pan. In his turn, Peter gave Jake his wooden sword with which he fights against his worst enemy – Captain Hook and his charges.
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates games Jake and the Never Land Pirates games Cubby – the youngest team in the pirate Jack. The main mission of Cubby - correctly identify the location of an object, because it is in his hands constantly map of the area.
  • Izzy – As in any such animated series, the team can not be without women. Izzy is the only girl in the pirate gang Jake. She has a small pouch that holds a magic pollen. He gave her a fairy Tinker Bell – the same one that has been a true friend and assistant Peter Pan. Izzy uses a magic powder very carefully – only in the case of emergency.
  • Marina – a young mermaid who lives in the depths of the ocean, ran around Netlandii. Rumor has it that Marina secretly in love with the pirate Captain – Jake.  
  • Scully – a pirate be without faithful companion on his shoulder. Yes, we are talking about a parrot. Scully – green parrot small. He knows how to talk and belongs to the girl Izzie, so all the time sitting on her shoulder. Scully often keeps track of all actions of Captain Hook when he is in the zone of visibility.
  • Captain Hook – Jake and the main villain in the last Peter Pan. The captain of the ship has called the « Jolly Roger » and all the forces trying to stop Jake and companies to find the treasure.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates games Games Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Our site offers free online games you go on an unforgettable journey along with the characters of the animated series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. If you want to forget about essential matters and relax a bit and have some fun – You've come to the right place. Pirates Jake Netlandii games suitable for both children and adults interested in easily. Girls also can find a lot of interesting things in these online toys. Since the game Jake and the Never Land Pirates are available on our site for free, you do not need to beg their parents to buy the game, to pass more than one hour in the company of young pirates. The game does not require installation and is available online 24 hours a day. All you need – it is pleasant to you to run the game and feel the atmosphere of the beautiful, adventurous island Netlandiya together with the main characters of the animated series. Enough words, because Jake and his crew of pirates are waiting for your help in finding a real treasure!

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