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At the girls that love to play, so it is free online games Violetta – another variant odevalok fashion, hair stylist, makeup artist and other subjects that are close to their spirit. Violetta – the girl who starred in the TV series for young people. It is not difficult to guess her hobbies: music, dancing, dating, fashion. Meeting with friends is always a little competition who will come up with a new hairstyle, the best dressed, will make an unusual manicure. And everything should be the subject of the upcoming event, and you can achieve this by communicating with the main character of the series and of our exciting games.

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In order to look attractive, girls learn by watching their mothers and older sisters; reading magazines and talking to my friends, sharing skills. But there are situations when something uncomfortable to ask, so as not to seem ridiculous. For any question ready to enlighten you a computer game heroine Violetta – she can trust in all without hesitation.
She knows a lot of secrets and beauty waiting for the opportunity to share them with all who need them. As Violetta very young girl, she loves to be in the spotlight, trendy clothes, stylish jewelry. Do not miss the disco, monitors the health and loves to experiment with cosmetics. She also starred in the youth series, and it must always be in shape.

plays virtually transformed reality

  • To begin with hairstyles.

Beautiful hair with a glamorous hairstyle – One of the most important aspects of the image. You can not wear a fashionable dress, and stay beautiful if hair is picked up correctly and you are. Your model while Violetta game will be the main character, so you can choose from the menu for her styling and different hairstyles, hair color change and try barrettes with cute figurines or sparkling stones.

  • A professional make-up.

Violetta Games Girls always remember when they first brought imposed sponges or blush. The first experiments often happen with my mother's makeup, and because the result does not always live up to expectations, because that is designed for adults, not suitable for young girls. Spend a few sessions, games for girls Violetta to get theoretical knowledge and then ask my mom to help you with buying makeup for your age.

  • The dress, like a second skin!

such a statement sounds a bit ridiculous, but fully reflects the essence. It used clothes protected from wind, rain, frost and served as a cover for prying eyes, covering the body from the neck to the fingertips and toes. Attitudes have changed, and now it shows the world your character, taste and style, virtually fused with you. She became so different that there is absolutely identically dressed people. Having started to play games Violetta, you spend a few minutes of exciting, useful for the process of selecting the details that will make costume and character.

Beauty = external + internal harmonious personality

Violetta Games Violetta Games However, fascinated by the search for ways to transform with the help of external attributes, do not forget that those who met on clothes, will accompany the mind. This means that we must also hone important skills such as logic, intelligence, attentiveness.

  • Open the game Violetta and Leon Action to spend unforgettable moments in the company of wonderful characters.  
  • Together with them, you put a lot of puzzles, enjoying scenes of the series. Piece by piece, the picture fit together, and that's before you smile Diego Camila, Lyudmila, Beto and Angie, and Thomas Jane.
  • During the search of the same cards will prove himself a master of deduction and demonstrate excellent memory. Note the location of the photos, and find all copies.  
  • Collect all the stars and other objects in the background with the main actors in the series will also be useful occupation – so you are more sharpen the ability to notice details.
  • Search for the differences was the traditional way of useful entertainment, and in our games, he is also present.
  • Also, you can check your knowledge of the Muses, which sounds in the series. Choosing at random any artist and listen to fine, choose from seven options for the correct answer.
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