Big Hero 6 games

Big Hero 6 games

The dynamic and mischievous games City of Heroes with the participation of six cartoon characters free invite to play with them. Any work and doing science, they transform into entertainment, and the result is unexpected.
It is necessary to get to the lab? Forget about the traditional transport, transformer Beymaks that easily accepts any form, with the breeze whisk into place. And if it is damaged after the battle, go in equipped laboratory and using the tools, return it to normal. You are waiting for a collision with the zombies, high-speed races and tranquil puzzle.

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Research and adventure games City of Heroes

Big Hero 6 games Big Hero 6 games "City of Heroes" – one of the stories of comics Marvel, Disney animated film in 2014, and incredibly fascinating, dynamic and vibrant game City of Heroes.
have never been to Tokyo and San Francisco? Then go to San Fransokio, the name of which merged the Japanese and American culture. Only here you will find an unusual adventure, becoming one of a team of young people whose talent is hard to overestimate.

The events tied around Hiro Hamada – adolescent and young genius of robotics. Like all 14-year-old boy, he is a rebel and a seeker of hazardous activities. Being passionate about underground fighting robots, which were made in cash rates, he communicated with people from brothels. Once Hiro appeared at the police station after the next round-up, and his older brother, Tadashi, trying to help him out, he takes the next bunk. Brothers pulled out of scrapes Aunt Cass and Tadashi brother persuaded to leave the precarious path and find their engineering talents to better use, enter the best university city.
Study Hiro came to his liking, and then he found interesting friends with whom after the death of Tadashi united in the self-proclaimed team of heroes – fighters villains.  

Best Friends – brilliant men

  • Hiro Takachiho – resourceful and enterprising young man, who was in the street dens and build robots for illegal fighting. Now he was a disciple of the prestigious educational institution and a great friend.
  • Beymaks – Doctors robot created by Tadashi. After the death of the young man, he became a partner and best friend, Hiro. Beymaks examine the performance of the human body, find the cause and cure ailments from the most complex disease. When Hiro worked on the robot, he gained the ability to fly, than often rescued the team. Artificial intelligence and a man so close that once the robot saved the boy sacrificed his own life. But Hiro took the survivors chip to recreate another robot again.
  • Honey Lemon – beautiful, stylish girl, well versed in chemistry. Becoming part of the team Hani use the keyboard to create a chemical bombs that often rescues friends. Her name sounds like "honey lemon."
  • Gogo Tomago – another woman in the team. Its not exactly be called a talker, and her sharp tongue is able to taunt. Her ability – use magnetic wheels for the development of high speed. The wheels are also used as shields and throwing discs.
  • Fred may not seem like the kind of person who is able to bring something useful. It is soft and indecisive, runs a "living advertisement" and greeter, but it turns into Freddy Fredzillu thanks to the excellent knowledge of comic books. Now he turns into a monster with monstrous claws, breathing fire and super jump.
  • Know Dzhinzhder, but everyone knows him as wasabi. This nickname came up with him Fred when the Nou soiled pants seasoning of the same name. It easily handles with machetes and plasma cutting matter, like a laser.

Big Hero 6 games Big Hero 6 games introduce you to the unique characters in the game City of Heroes for free, opening the way to their adventures.

The Adventure Begins

Talents characters appear in all events that City of Heroes is a game online, and will play in that:

  • Logic and Action
  • Racing and sports games
  • Puzzles and three in number
  • Medical and memory and agility

You will go in search of treasures and rescuing hostages, battle enemies and war with the zombies in the barber shop and a doctor's office, and the time comes to eat, cook a delicious cream cakes.

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