Gravity Falls games

Gravity Falls games

Glavnye heroes Dipper Mabel is not only cartoon characters, well-rooted inhabitants of the virtual space online game Gravity Falls. They want to celebrate together with you Halloween, go to the dentist and Zombilend under contract that treat their teeth will thank you.
Whether it's stories for the collection of puzzles, hidden object, quest-walker or mystical race, will always play for free. Learn the secret of Uncle Stanford, win in a fight Rambla, find answers to riddles, fight with crowds of monsters, play mini golf, and fly in the magical forest with fireflies.

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Zagadochnaya history of the game Gravity Folz

Gravity Falls games Gravity Falls games V genre fiction comedy, mysticism and adventure at Disney filmed cartoon series"Gravity Falls". Equally fascinating story just begged to become a Gravity Falls game, and it happened. New fun like hot buns, snapping up players to rather go in search of secrets and treasures, meet the mysteries and dangers.

Istoriya began when the twins Dipper and Mabel came to town Gravity Falls, which is located in Oregon. They decided to spend the summer vacation with Granddaddy Stan owning"Hut Wonderland"is a sonorous name belongs to the tourist center. Who could resist, not to unravel mysteries? Not young pathfinders, to which all interested.
diary tells about all the strange things that happen in the city. Heroes are addicted to the study of manuscript pages and want to find an extraordinary author, and this entails the danger, and soon Dipper and Mabel realize that seemingly calm Gravity Falls is populated by fantastical creatures and full of dark corners.

A little about the main and secondary characters

  • dippers, like his sister, 12 years old. He loves to read and dream, has a good imagination and takes care of his sister.
  • Mabel in character bears little resemblance to his brother. If it seems too serious, it is an optimistic and cheerful girl with a lively, inquisitive mind. He has his own secret under the shop he works in the basement of a strange machine design that would later be discovered.
  • Wendy Kordroy 15 years. She is the daughter of a woodcutter, Stan works in a shop and enjoy Dipper.
  • Candy and Grenda girlfriend Mabel.
  • Zus (or Zus) Ramirez also works in the store, bring into operation failure.
  • Robby Vee in love with Wendy youth.
  • Mak Gakket old man, living in a landfill Gravity Falls.
  • Gideon Gliful 10-year-old boy, but a sworn enemy of the family. He wants to get hold of"Shack of Miracles"and the other has a diary of an unknown author, which dates back to the number"2".
  • chubby funny pig Mabel, which she won in the fair competition.

Vremya go to the most interesting pohod

Gravity Falls games Gravity Falls games

Teper when you're familiar with the characters and background, you can begin to explore the nooks and crannies nice town with its inhabitants. During the game Gravity Falls Action you together with the twins will go through all the stages, marked on the map, find yourself in the enchanted forest full of unexpected obstacles. Manage have both Mabel and Dipper. Where before one hero runs smooth road, the other faces the abyss or sharp spikes. It is necessary to jump over obstacles, collect stars and halves through the dimensional portal to go to the new location.
Still you do not have time to go to the inhospitable forest in search of the missing items, or to fly, picking up speed. "Hut Wonderland"is also full of surprises, and it turned out the attic, go through an exciting adventure game Gravity Falls free. Once you enjoy collecting puzzles and help heal wounds Mabel, look for the letters, play mini golf, racing, fun with plump, and the girls will not miss the game Gravity Falls Dress.

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