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Foster games

Where the childhood leaves? There, apparently, where imaginary friends - the house of the old lady Foster. It gives shelter to an eccentric, sometimes frightening, but the good creatures created by the imagination of children. Start playing free online games Foster, and find yourself in the company of the warm, where the boy Mack and his buddy Blue coined by leading characters adventures. They collect the stars from the sky; catch eggs with surprises Coco incurred; participate in skateboarding championship; chase in cars; catch sweets. Create your own friend who will be part of a family of imaginary creatures.
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Games Foster of imaginary friends Kids - big dreamers. They can create their own world, to endow objects non-core functions, coming up with friends and communicate them. In the animated series "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" and the game's story Foster it is a question of how to revive children's imaginations. All children of different imagination, and because of their comrades look different. For a long time, their friendship is too narrow and it seems it will be forever. But there comes a time when the child grows up, or parents notice that he was talking with the air (because he can not see the creatures invented), and think that this is due to psychological problems. When one created by imagination becomes a nuisance, it is sent to the house of Foster - a place specially organized one old lady. When a creature is put into this house, the child can not communicate with him, and the connection is interrupted. Only old boy Mack Foster allowed to visit his friend Blue, like the funny blue ghost on the condition that he will do on a daily basis. Naturally, he agreed, and kept the word, so you can now play home games Foster. Someone who lives in these games? Each character in the game is quite a friends house Foster color, and looking at the house pet is very interesting. Some have horns growing, others are huge, squat and others with large fangs. They all love to be naughty, frolicking and rarely adhere to the rules, especially Blue. If Madame Floster wants to make him run an errand, then comes the trick, saying that to do this, you should not. Blue big fan of breaking the rules, and does not understand that his play, so goes the other way around, and at the same time doing what conceived hostess. Users: • Mac - sweet tooth year-old boy who came up with Blue. • Terence - Brother Mack. He was already 13, but he did not grow wiser. He hates imaginary friend's brother, and in order to annoy him, came up with Reda, but he was good man, I love flowers. • Madame Foster - hostess invented to friends. Cheerful, kind old lady. • Frankie - red-haired granddaughter, Madame Foster. She is already 22, and it is responsible for cleaning the house, caring, attractive, but sometimes rude. Unique and funny fairy-tale characters: • Blue (or Bluregard KyuKazu) - imaginary creature Mack. Selfish and vain, very curious and can not tolerate the rule. • Wilt - high red imaginary creature. Responsive good-natured, all helps, well played basketball, though his left arm torn off, but the fingers of his right equipped with suction cups. One of his eyes is curved, and the scar on his face. These injuries he received during a basketball game. • Eduardo - shaggy, large, with tremendous teeth and horns. Good, though scary. • Coco - being completely unimaginable forms while aircraft plants and birds. It carries eggs with surprises. • The Duchess - thinks she is the most beautiful and unique imagination, although the worst. Always unhappy, yelling, no one likes, and she repays the same. • Mr. Herriman - large rabbit, the head of the house and trying to think of one old lady Foster. It was he who came up with rules for all, and requires precise execution. Crazy games begin! In this colorful game company Foster fantasy house may not be fresh. You have to jump on the trampoline for sweets, collecting them with Mack and the imaginary inhabitants of the house. Climb up to the roof with your friends and collect stars polakomtes dairy products and juices, play fun washing and create your own imaginary friend.

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