Peabody and Sherman games

Peabody and Sherman games

Start playing free online games Peabody and Sherman to join the team of bold characters in the story: the dog Peabody, the adopted son of his Sherman and her friend Penny. Peabody did not like an ordinary dog ​​- he is gallant, comprehensively gifted, savvy, and his intelligence emphasize points and bow tie. Fans of puzzles gladly lay down on the entertaining elements of the frames of a cartoon; Search fans will be able to find hidden letters or numbers; and to understand what era has brought friends in their adventures, get the correct answers to the proposed questions.
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Games Peabody and Sherman for the time travelers

Peabody and Sherman games Peabody and Sherman games Animal lovers adore their pets, and even in the hamster, turtle or aquarium fish are able to consider not only the instincts, and the beginnings of rational behavior. Talk about dogs and cats, they can spend hours, marveling at their resourcefulness and ingenuity. And imagine if you meet a dog who knows how to speak, wears clothes and transport controls. This man came as a surprise to shock and not less than –.
Studio Animation DreamWorks released a computer - animated feature film of the brilliant pse Peabody, based on which games Peabody and Sherman is now amuse players.
As a puppy, Peabody realized that no one wants to shelter him, making pets. Normal dog would be disappointed in life and began to wander aimlessly, but in front of us unique and genius. Realizing that he has a lot of spare time, he decided to use it rationally. Since Peabody began to study art, science and sport, reached considerable success.
One day he caught a bundle with the baby. Finding strange, because children do not throw away. When he saw in the eyes of baby's curiosity, Peabody decided on its adoption by giving the name of Sherman. He now takes care of adopted son, instilling in him the knowledge and shows the world, traveling by a time machine he created.

Characters games Peabody and Sherman

Game Mr. Peabody represent your characters with which to know the country, go on an adventure and solve the puzzle.

    Mr. Peabody
  • – beagle dog. He is a true genius and inventor, a great traveler and intellectual. Instead of chasing his tail, he sent forces to self-improvement, and achieved considerable success. He is a celebrity in the field of science: invent a fitness program"Zumba"avtotyun, sweatpants, and Time Machine planking Veybek. Peabody excellent cooks, paints and plays music, and at the Olympics twice became a winner.
  • Sherman
  • – toddler whose Peabody made ​​his adopted son. Curious and playful as any boy. Thanks Peabody loves to travel, and always gets useful knowledge in time travel.
  • Penny Peterson – girlfriend Sherman and Peabody, who spends much time in their company. Previously, laughed at the boy, but it was worth it to save her from marriage to Tutankhamun, she changed her mind.

The cartoon contains – Penny parents Paul and Patty Peterson, and even spiteful Miss Grunon. When traveling, the characters are introduced to Leonardo da Vinci, Tutankhamun and Agamemnon.

Travel plots

  • Poisk items, letters or tsifr
  • Otvety - voprosy

Geroi actively use the time machine Peabody, but not always fall in conceived era. Open

Peabody and Sherman games Mr. Peabody and Sherman game to also see the different eras, to train memory and great fun in the themes:

    • Brodilkah
    • Testah
    • Pazlah
    • Priklyucheniyah
    • Na pamyat
    • Bolnitsa
    • Sometimes puts unclear where, and only answered all the questions correctly, the way back home to pass safely.


      Mr. Peabody & Sherman game send travelers to prehistoric times. You will not find in the wild forest people, but the danger will be exactly. You have arrived at such a distant time treasure. Before you sparkling gems, pleasing to the eye and beckoning with its beauty. Collect more artifacts, trying not to fall into trouble.


    Collect pictures into puzzles and test your memory by memorizing cards, so then find them a couple of games in the Peabody and Sherman. Find items in the images and get Sherman teeth, which recently began to disturb the young adventurer.
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